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Original plans for The Bellas to face The IIconics for the tag titles

The Bella Twins discussed on their podcast that they were in the plans to face The IIconics after WrestleMania. The IIconics defeated the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley for the titles in a fatal-four way at the biggest event of the year.

According to Nikki and Brie they were to return and feud for the titles but Nikki was forced to retire due to medical reasons. Both women were last seen on WWE programming in October during the Evolution pay-per-view. Nikki was in the main event for the RAW Women’s Championship where she lost to Ronda Rousey.

Credit: WWE

The Bella Twins recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where Nikki Bella opened up about her medical conditions. She discussed having a herniated disc above where her neck surgery took place as well as a cyst on her brain.

As transcribed by Fightful earlier today, Nikki had the following to say on their recent podcast:

“So Brie and I, we were gonna come back and fight for the tag titles after WrestleMania and we were gonna go against The IIconics for a few months. It was gonna be a lot of fun, really excited and you know, deep down inside, I kept having this weird feeling that I needed to get an X-ray on my neck, because for a while I wasn’t feeling ok.

Brie knows, that in December, after Evolution, I just kept telling her, ‘Brie, I feel off’. Like, my head doesn’t feel right and I just kept feeling off and I even told her, ‘Do you think I’m just super unhealthy?’ But I live a very healthy lifestyle but I couldn’t figure it out.”

After discussing Nikki’s trip to the doctor’s and treatments to determine what was happening with her the twins discuss they were all ready to come back prior to this news.

Brie: “But before (Nikki’s doctors visit), to everyone, we had our gear. We had everything!”

Nikki: “I mean, we were ready. Bella Twins were coming back in a big way.”

Brie: “The SmackDown after WrestleMania. I mean, we had it all planned out. We were in New York thinking it’s still happening.”

The women’s tag team division has been very slim as of late. Other than Fire & Desire and The Kabuki Warriors there hasn’t been much competition for The IIconics. These original plans with The Bella Twins could possibly explain why the tag titles have taken a backseat since WrestleMania.

The Kabuki Warriors won a chance at the titles after their defeat of the champions during their tour in Tokyo, Japan. Since then they continue to not appear on WWE programming making the tag division suffer.

What are your thoughts on the news that The Bella Twins were planning on a big comeback for the titles? Discuss your opinions in the comment section!!

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