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Slammiversary Review: Endings And Beginnings

Hello Knockout fans and welcome to Diva Dirt’s Slammiversary Review! While Slammiversary is already in the books, the future of the newly re-branded Global Force Wrestling is starting to look a little bit promising as we have seen a new Unified GFW Women’s Champion as well as feud that should have a closing chapter. Let’s go straight to the action.

In the first match featuring Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards vs. Davey Richards and Angelina Love, it has been a rivalry between the two married couples over jealousy and everything else in between. And being a first-ever Full Metal Mayhem mixed tag team match, anything can happen.

It all starts with Eddie and Alisha delivering a sneak attack from behind to Richards and Love as they make their entrances to start the battle. The two teams brawl around the ringside area and Alisha nailed a splash off the top onto Richards and Love. Eddie and Alisha whacked Dave and Angelina with trash can lids, then for good measure they put the garbage cans over the two of them. Then they used kendo sticks to hit their opponents through the trash can. Eddie powerbombs his wife onto Davey for the count of two. Eddie goes for a second powerbomb on Davey Richards, but Angelina makes the save with a kendo stick. Richards hits a brainbuster on Eddie, then Angelina brings a cup of metal thumbtacks into the ring. Davey holds Eddie and Angelina pours those painful thumbtacks into Eddie’s face. Alisha makes the game-changing save and spears Angelina. Alisha hits some low blows on Davey, then Eddie hits a running knee on him. Angelina is bleeding from the bridge of her nose, but that what happens when you’re in a match of this nature. Alisha then powerbombs Angelina off a ladder through a table in the corner while Eddie and Davey fight on the top of the ladder. That leads to Eddie nailing a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder, in turn putting Davey Richards through the table for the win.

The next match will unify the GFW and Impact Wrestling Women’s Titles as Rosemary takes on Sienna to see who walks out as Unified Champion.

Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Gail Kim comes out to the ring before the match and he holds up the two Championship Belts. Rosemary kicks things off with strikes as well as a Russian leg sweep for a two count.

Rosemary then tosses Sienna to the outside, where she gets into an argument with Laurel Van Ness and her cousin KM. Rosemary takes full advantage of the distraction with a splash off the top onto Sienna on the padded floor.

Back in the ring, Sienna bounces back with a suplex and a boot to the face. Sienna unleashes some more brutal kicks until Rosemary comes back with a choke over the top rope. Rosemary takes Sienna up to the top turnbuckle and delivers a German suplex down to the mat.

Rosemary goes back up top and puts Sienna down with a missile dropkick. Rosemary hits a flying forearm shot in the corner, then a T-bone suplex. Rosemary misses a kick, and Sienna capitalizes with a splash in the corner, but Rosemary comes back with a boot to the head of Sienna for another two count. Sierra starts to come back, but Rosemary puts a stop to the momentum with the Red Wedding. Laurel runs in and pulls referee Earl Hebner out of the ring to distract him, but Allie chases her out with a kendo stick.

Meanwhile in the ring Sienna hits Rosemary in the head with the GFW Women’s Title Belt. Hebner rolls back in the ring and counts, but Rosemary kicks out at 2. Rosemary goes for the mist, but Sienna rejects it. This leads to Sienna blocking the Red Wedding and locking Rosemary in a variation of a guillotine choke for the win.

Thoughts: I thought the Full Metal Mayhem matchup really looked great from a fan’s perspective. While I hope that this ends the Eddie/Alisha vs. Davey/Angelina rivalry, this might not be over. With Bound For Glory coming up, expect this to be a war between the feuding couples.

As far as the Sienna/Rosemary matchup goes, everybody (Including us) were made fools of by picking Rosemary. I’m hoping that this might be a long and hateful feud between the two.

What did you think of Slammiversary? Let us know in the comments below!

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