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Slammy Nominations Revealed


The nominees for the 2009 Slammy Awards have finally been revealed! In a twist, there are no Diva of the Year nominees. Instead, fans will get to vote for the winner in a poll on tomorrow.

That’s right, instead of taking the time to narrow it down to a whole four nominees, who perhaps may deserve the award [storyline wise], as with all things Diva [WrestleMania] it’s thrown open to every Brie, Nikki and Rosa. Pathetic.

It just goes to show how little WWE thinks of it’s women’s division that they can’t even pick just 4 Divas. The fact that it’s made to feel like a special treat for the fans is absolutely laughable, because in actuality, it’s just because they couldn’t be bothered to pull their fingers out.

We’ll see tomorrow if the public vote actually decides the winner — in which case it’ll likely be a popularity contest [may as well engrave ‘Mickie’ on it now] — or if it’ll be another rigged WWE poll with the outcome chosen by the Creative Team.

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