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Smackdown 04/24/18: Princess on the Throne, IIonics hold their own

Hey, Diva-Dirt faithful! Mykel here filling in to discuss last nights’ Smackdown! We saw seven women on the blue brand in various capacities, so let’s jump into it! Note, these aren’t in chronological order.

First, there’s Asuka and Becky Lynch backstage walking past an injured and beat up American Dragon Daniel Bryan.

We see the IIconics in the ring where they run down Asuka and Becky Lynch from their accents to their perceived belief that they are better than Asuka because Queen Charlotte dispatched of her and they put a hurtin’ on her. What follows is a tag match.

Becky and Asuka take control during the opening of the match, which faces normally do until the heels slow down the middle portion, Becky makes the hot tag to Asuka who cleans house. Lynch comes back in and is distracted and eats the pin via roll up.

We also see The Glow Queen herself, Naomi, who seems to be involved in The Bludgeon Brothers/The Usos feud telling her man about her misgivings.

Later on in the night we see Naomi, ahem, shake what her mama gave her to distract Eric Rowan to give Jimmy Uso the win.

Finally, we have a royal showdown between the Queen and the Princess. After replaying her highlight reel as well as listing ad nauseam for the viewing audience and those at home, out comes the Queen. Charlotte was playing no games and laid out the Champ with what looked like a head slam/table pushover combination? It looked kind of sloppy, but anyway, it left the Queen standing tall.

Oh, yes, also the Afterthoughts, excuse me, Absolution (Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose) made their debut on….WWE.com mocking Becky Lynch for costing Asuka her debut match on SmackDown Live.

Thoughts: I’m so here for Carmella’s mic work. She’s playing the cocky braggadocious heel to perfection. What she lacks in the ring, she makes for with character work. It was a good idea to have Charlotte have the last word in this exchange so to speak. I’m curious as to who will come out on top in this feud and see if the Princess can hang with the Queen or just be another pretender to the throne.

Then, well, The IIconics are comfortable on the mic, so that gets an up, but their kind of paint by numbers promos give me Laycool tease, and the only thing I liked about their promo was their delusion in thinking they were the best. As for their match, it was the right choice for them to go over like Billie should have last week, and each lady played her role well. My concerns are for the losing team, however, how much is Asuka going to lose? Is this going somewhere? What the hell is going on with Becky Lynch? Ever since losing her title in that admittedly lackluster reign and dodgy at best programme with Alexa Bliss, she’s been just blowing in the wind, either give her a good feud or “trade” her.

Onto Naomi,  I love that WWE is giving her a chance to mix it up with the boys, and she has already given us an ICONIC remix of Paige’s theme. In all seriousness, this feud keeps Naomi visible and gives her something to do with people she has chemistry with, and I did get my entire life watching her do her thing on the apron. I wonder if the Bludgeon Brothers are going to bring in a female neutralizer? Or just, well, do the job themselves? So many questions. Then Absolution. They were booked poorly on Raw and they aren’t doing so good if their debuts are anything to go off of, hopefully, we can see an IIconic/Absolution feud for the heavily hinted Women’s Tag Titles? Who knows?

Final Grade: B-

What did you think of this week’s SmackDown? Who are you rooting for at Backlash? What do you think will happen next week? Sound off in the comments!

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