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Smackdown 05/15/18: Straight Fire burns bright & opportunities are ravishing

Smackdown Live! came to us from across the pond, London, England. We were in store for a Money in the Bank qualifying match, Zelina Vega‘s debut with Andrade “Cien” Almas, and a Royal ‘Mellabration.

Almas made his Smackdown debut against local talent. Vega did not get involved with the match itself, but she did get on the mic after the match. She exclaimed that she was unimpressed by the local talent and that she expected more. She called the other Superstars pathetic and that Almas is here to takeover.

The Princess from the Isle of Staten who has beaten Charlotte Flair twice felt that she was worthy of a Royal ‘Mellabration. Being the Smackdown champion of all women, Carmella wanted that respect. She knows that no one believes in her, so she commanded that each and everyone in the audience to bow down before her. She reminded everyone in “Not so Great Britain”, that ‘Mella is not only money but also champion. She proclaimed that since she is indeed champion, she is better than each and every person in attendance, and she went down the list of her female competitors as well. Paige interrupted her tirade by letting her know that she will be defending her title at Money in the Bank against Asuka.

Asuka took to Twitter today:

Well, Lana is the best, and she is determined to prove it. In a backstage segment, she lets her husband, Rusev, and Aiden English know that she has a qualifying match next week! She will face off against half of the IIconics, Billie Kay. She declares that Rusev will win the men’s Money in the Bank match and she will qualify and then go on to win the women’s. Her and Rusev will then become the first ever, Mr. & Mrs. Money in the Bank.

In a WWE exclusive, Lana continues to explain how Rusev Day is strong and that Lana is the best, Lana number 1. *clap, clap* Once her and her husband become the first ever Mr. & Mrs. Money in the Bank, it will be a Ravishing Rusev Day.

The qualifying match of the night was between Becky Lynch and the dissolution of Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Paige continues to play games with her former Absolution teammates. She pinned them against each other, and threw in some straight fire. Lynch was able to come out on top of this match and join Ember Moon, Charlotte Flair, and Alexa Bliss to go after the briefcase.

Deville came out to her own music, much like Rose did last week.

The IIconics had something to say about Lana being a loser and Kay being a winner. Kay and Peyton Royce are determined to make the future iconic.

Thoughts: Overall it was a decent Smackdown. I don’t anticipate any women segments being too bad leading up to Money in the Bank. We are getting 3 matches for the event, so that is a win in itself!

I am excited to see Zelina finally on the main roster. I have been a big fan of her since her days in TNA. I am totally good with a strong female manager, but I do hope she gets in the ring as well.

Carmella continues to impress me with her mic skills. I am surprised she was not booed even harder. She really knows how to get over as a heel, which is not so easy for some people to do. I am looking for her in-ring work to improve some, which worries me about her facing Asuka. I enjoy Asuka. She is a great in-ring performer, but I don’t need her with a title just yet. I am still exhausted from her undefeated streak. I see this match ending in a DQ, or something of the sort.

I was happy with Becky winning the qualifying match, although I do wish either Mandy or Sonya would get a chance in the money in the bank match. Sonya’s music? I don’t care for. I feel like they are trying to go for a Rocky type theme for her. I am fine with that, but the music, in my opinion is not suiting her. I’d say Mandy’s entrance is better. I am probably on the wrong side of that, but I am sticking to it. The match itself was decent. It was good storytelling, but I wish they did not have Mandy against Sonya just yet. I secretly miss Absolution.

Lana, Lana, Lana. I love you. I really hope you beat Billie actually. Lana is the ultimate underdog story right now. I am sure that Billie will win, but I am so down for a Ravishing Rusev Day with a Mr. & Mrs. Money in the Bank.

The IIconics continue to make me laugh. Billie’s facial expression in that backstage segment were making me laugh out loud.

They will have to do some repeats on some qualifying matches. I believe the only woman on Smackdown who has not had one is Naomi. So maybe, Billie is going to lose to Lana and they put her in another one with Peyton and Naomi? Raw only has Dana Brooke, Liv Morgan, Natalya and Sarah Logan. They could very well have one of them qualify. They still have three spots left after Billie or Lana qualify.

I am still pretty excited about this match though. I hope it is better than the first one the women had, as I still stand with the fact that the second one on Smackdown was better.

What did everyone think of the Royal ‘Mellabration? Who do you think will win with Carmella versus Asuka? Is anyone else as excited with Lana getting a chance? Who else do you want to see qualify? Sound off in the comments!!!

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