Saturday, December 2, 2023

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SmackDown: Cherry vs Natalya

Here we have tonight’s featured Diva contest from SmackDown! In the in-ring debut of Natalya (she seems to have dropped her surname), the third-generation Diva defeats Cherry in a very good match – using the sharpshooter no less!

I can’t stress how much I loved seeing Natalya wrestle in this match, she made me realise something about the Divas in WWE. With the rise of incompetent women in the ring, we get so caught up in Divas just pulling off the moves, we forget about other important factors such as in-ring psychology etc. Natalya truly is a Hart, she (and we mean no offence to her) works very much like the men in her family. The Superstars in WWE, in my eyes, have a harder job than the Divas. They have to to tell a story in the ring, have the pyschological factor. The Divas? The Divas are just expected to put on a passable match and look hot doing it. If only more Divas had the mentality of Natalya. In this match, she tells a story working on Cherry’s knee before making her tap with the infamous Sharpshooter. We can’t wait to see more of Nattie in the ring!

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