Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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SmackDown!: Introducing the Divas Championship

This week on SmackDown!, history is made as Vickie Guerrero announces the launch of the WWE Divas Championship, a title exclusively to SmackDown! Watch as all the Divas of SmackDown! and ECW compete for a chance to wrestle in the title match and watch the announcement from Vickie below:

Match after the cut:

Obviously with 7 Divas in the ring, this wasn’t the most technically sound match, but it was a passable match and I think the bigger story here of the Divas Championship is enough to let this slip through the cracks. There were some cool spots such as Natalya‘s powerbomb on Victoria who suplexed Michelle. A match worth the watch, I cannot wait to see how this Divas Championship will work. Hopefully, will have details for us soon!

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