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SmackDown! (May 09, 2008): Kelly & Natalya Deliver

Wow, never did I think I’d be writing this but Kelly Kelly really delivered the goods last night on SmackDown! The ECW Diva sold incredibly well to the aggressive and impressive, Natalya in a really physical, gritty match up. Honestly, I love SmackDown! right now, I’m going to go out on a limb and even be as bold to say that Natalya is the best female worker in WWE at the moment. Why? Because her matches are always so physical, so gritty, so much fun to watch. I guess you could put it down to her training in the Dungeon, Natalya wrestles like the men in her family – and that is not a bad thing. I’m not saying she is a man, but she puts on a match like we’ve never seen from any Diva before her. From what we’ve seen of her thus far, her matches on SmackDown! have been truly intense and lots of fun to watch. There’s story telling, there’s psychology… usually with the Divas, WWE just throws them in the ring and hopes they can pull out a decent match. The Divas don’t have the same pressures as the Superstars to put on matches that tell a story, that have psychology but that is exactly what Natalya brings to the ring.

As I was saying, Kelly deserves some kudos because she sold very well and made this match believable; hardly recognisable from that slutty girl from Kelly’s Expose (and it’s one night comeback) just two years ago. Kelly’s handspring elbow on this night was much better too – I mean compare that to the infamous time she tried to use the move on Layla.

Furthermore, I like how they built up the rivalry with Michelle also, SmackDown! is getting the opportunity to do things RAW never gets to do. On RAW they just throw the girls out there, on SmackDown! you have backstage segments, “earlier in the day” segments to help build and aid the feud and that’s something that is important to the overall story. I like how this feud is kind of a slow-burner, I can’t wait for the eventual singles match… hopefully these girls will get to go at it on pay per view! Anyway, a very good match – much better than RAW this week – and well worth the watch:

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