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SmackDown Redux (August 12th, 2011): Introducing the Divas of Doom

After turning heel on their respective brands last week, Beth Phoenix and Natalya have come together to form their own faction, Divas of Doom, dedicated to destroying all the perky princess Divas in the WWE. Their first targets? SmackDown’s rookie Divas, AJ and Kaitlyn. Can the Chick Busters pull out an upset victory or will the Divas of Doom steamroll over them, building even more momentum going into SummerSlam.

Check out the match below to find out:

Kaitlyn and AJ are already in the ring awaiting their opponent as DOD make their entrance. I must admit, Beth and Nattie are quite formidable as a unit. If I was AJ or Kaitlyn, I’d probably try to make a run for it, but that’s just me. Natalya step into the ring to kick things off for their respective teams and our Diva tag match is underway.

Right off the bat, Natalya grabs a handful of Kaitlyn’s hair, looking to prove her dominance over the NXT winner. Kaitlyn breaks free and slaps on a waistlock, but Nattie escapes with a hip attack, followed by a slap across the face. While the rookie Diva is still stunned, Nattie lays her out with a scoop slam and tags in her partner Beth Phoenix.

The veteran Divas lift poor Kaitlyn over their head and nearly put her through the mat with a double team electric chair drop for only a two count. Frustrated with Kaitlyn’s tenacity, Beth whips her into the corner and charges in for the kill, but Kaitlyn evade and scrambles to tag in her fellow Chick Buster, AJ.

AJ comes into the match like a house of fire, using her speed to dodge a blow from the Glamazon and hits an offensive flurry of her own, almost taking the former Women’s Champion off of her feet. Unfortunately for AJ, Beth manages to reverse the wheelbarrow maneuver into a Glam Slam to pick up the win for her team.

Post-match, Beth grabbed AJ and tossed her out of the ring, while Nattie locked Kaitlyn into the Sharpshooter as Beth watched on.

Short, but sweet match for the Divas this week. While it may not have been much, I think it achieved its purpose: To make Divas of Doom look dominant going into SummerSlam. And it worked.

As for the Chick Busters, while they not be picking up many wins, I think they are progressing nicely in the ring. Especially Kaitlyn. I know I gave the NXT3 winner a lot of grief during her season and after her win, but I think she is trying her her best to improve as a wrestler and it’s showing. While I definitely think she and AJ have room for improvement, I’ve enjoyed their work on SmackDown recently.

We also had another encounter between Teddy Long and Aksana, who debuted two brand new Aksanaisms: “Why you long, Teddy?” and “Do you want to do me with business?” Classic…

Although I’m liking Aksana in this role, it seems tailor-made for FCW/NXT’s Maxine, who is known for using her feminine wiles to attain power. Oh well, we’ll just have to have and see how this Aksana storyline plays out in the coming weeks.

All in all, I thought the SmackDown Divas had a good week. The new union of Natalya and Beth is quite interesting and makes me wonder how Kelly Kelly will overcome the odds at SummerSlam this weekend…

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