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SmackDown Redux (August 15th, 2014): The Road to SummerSlam is Paved With… Red Extensions?

Hello all, and welcome to this week’s SmackDown Redux! After a upset victory over the Divas Champion, and a post match beatdown on Monday, Eva Marie is looking for some revenge on AJ Lee this week on SmackDown. Can AJ pick up some momentum going into her title match against Paige on Sunday, or will Eva turn the Blue Brand to ‘All Red Everything’? Check out the match below:

AJ Lee comes out to the ring first, and after a commercial break, Eva Marie is in the ring, ready to go. The official signals for the bell and our match is underway.

AJ goes on the attack immediately, but Eva isn’t having it. The rookie Diva retreats to the outside, and AJ persued, only to have her feet swept from underneath her, sending her crashing down to the ring frame. Eva goes for the pin for a two count.

Eva taunts the champion for a bit before going for a slap, but AJ blocks it and unleashes a flurry of offense (which Knicks out some of Eva’s extensions) for a nearfall of her own. AJ hits a spin kick, but before she can go for the pin, Paige’s music hits and she comes skipping down to the ring.

AJ forgets about the task at hand, and attacks Paige, resulting in her losing via countout. Eva looks genuinely shocked to have picked up the victory, but gets out of dodge to avoid another AJ beatdown.

Thoughts: So, Eva Marie has defeated the Divas Champion twice… TWICE… Rejoice, Eva Marie Stans.

Not a bad match by any means, and fulfilled its purpose of hyping up SummerSlam. I’m guessing WWE is trying to push the notion that Paige has gotten into AJ’s head, and it will play a part during their match on Sunday, possibly costing AJ her title. I have my own feelings about that, but let’s save that for predictions, shall we?

That’s all for this week, guys! Until next time… “STEPH! STEPH! STEPH!!!”

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