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SmackDown Redux (August 27th, 2010): Goodbye Serena (For Now)

There’s really not much to talk about this week in the SmackDown Redux because there wasn’t any Divas action. Sorry Lay-Cool fans! Instead, you can get your fix of those two Monday night on Raw.

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown, however, was Serena‘s final appearance on WWE television. Shortly after this episode was taped last Wednesday, Serena was informed of her release. The news broke this past Monday and quite eerily, it makes Serena’s final moments all the more poignant:

After picking up a win over JTG, CM Punk brings his minions into the ring for a dressing down. Perhaps I’m watching that much more closer since I know that Serena’s been let go, but interestingly, she was the only of the three disciples not to raise her arm in salute to their Straight Edge Savior. Defiant!

More eerily, when Punk bellows: “Be better or be gone,” he’s pretty much looking at Serena. ‘Be gone’? Well, that she certainly did do. I expect that they’ll explain next week that Serena caved and couldn’t handle it anymore — if they explain her absence at all.

More after the cut:

We cut to Rosa Mendes backstage who is shaking some sort of fitness product. Meanwhile, her boobs are rather conveniently bouncing away, which I’m assuming was the real reason behind this little skit. Very PG.

After Rosa walks off, enter Hornswoggle. Fresh off stalking Lay-Cool last week, he’s now in disguise in Teddy Long’s office.

Hornswoggle tries to tell Teddy that he was spying on Lay-Cool last week, but couldn’t quite put into words what it is that he saw. I did find his impersonation of Lay-Cool funny, especially the ‘Flaw-less‘ in Hornswoggle-speak.

Next, it’s Serena’s swansong as she accompanies Luke Gallows to the ring for his match Big Show, who is accompanied by Kelly Kelly:

Near the end of the bout, Serena is hit with a Thesz Press by Kelly on the outside. Call it a parting gift.

I really didn’t plan on writing too much this week, so do excuse the less than descriptive Redux. I thought I’d use this last part to share my thoughts on Serena’s release.

I, like many of you, first saw Serena in SHIMMER. I know that Serena has worked her entire career to make it to the WWE and she did. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have the rug pulled from underneath you like that just 8 months later. But in the last 8 months, Serena can say she has been part of one of the hottest angles on WWE television — having her head shaved on SmackDown. She’s been a huge part of the Straight Edge Society; the dynamic of having a female so involved in that group set it apart from the tons of other stables that we’ve seen in the past. Not to mention, she’s been to WrestleMania and even got to wrestle on national television at least once, picking up the win in her debut match.

I’m not going to act like I know what happened, or blame WWE, or Serena for that matter. However, I do believe that everyone makes mistakes and WWE has, in the past, given many a second chance to many a wrestler. Serena’s still young and still has her whole career ahead of her. I wouldn’t rule out a return to WWE in her future, to be quite frank.

So Serena, it’s goodbye… for now.

EDIT: Turns out Lay-Cool were on the show after all. Watch below:

The ‘Big Bird’ remark regarding Melina‘s SummerSlam outfit seems like a nod to the Internet.

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