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SmackDown Redux Does Superstars (June 18, 2009): Eve’s Got Game


Last night on Superstars, feuding SmackDown Divas Eve and Layla took their rivalry to the tri-branded ring in a rematch from their much hyped singles bout a few weeks ago. Adding extra ‘flavour’ to the proceedings was a special guest referee, in the form of a very gaudy looking Maria:

You’d think by now that I’d be desensitized to Maria’s god awful outfits, but with each passing week, she manages to assault my senses even more. This chick clearly skipped the queue when God was handing out class. In WWE’s world, the announcers have to say she looks ~gorgeous~ but in reality, she looks like she’s about to moonlight after the show.

In the ‘What’s Layla wearing?’ department, our favourite style icon has opted for red this week. Definitely a step up from that horrible black concoction a few weeks back, but still not up to par with her hot look during her Raw days. Next time someone sees her at an airport, pin her down and straighten her hair please! I miss the black shiny leggings and form-fitting tops.

Onto the match, I am not the biggest fan of Eve’s in-ring work as you all know. She’s okay but she’s generic to me, much like Rosa Mendes. These two girls can work it out in the ring and have a decent match without many botches [unlike the referee in this match] but the problem is, their moveset are pretty much the basics that they teach you down in FCW. There’s nothing that really stands out or makes them unique in the ring. It just feels like to me, they’re going from one move to another without the fluidity and the sense of story-telling. Then there’s the fact that Eve looks incredibly winded and out of breath by the end of the match, not a good look.

Despite some of her flaws in this match, I think Eve showed the biggest improvement of all at the end of the match, when she hit that awesome backflip into a standing moonsault on Layla. I have to say, I was very impressed.

The match on the whole was pretty good, in fact I’d say better than their initial SmackDown match. This match didn’t have the ‘catfight’ quality of the first match and the pace was much faster, which is a good thing. It looks like these girls have gotten comfortable working with each other now that they can have a good match. An impressive start, as Eve cartwheels out of Layla’s arm lock and then hits her with an arm drag. Things get a little iffy here, when we go into a rest-hold and it’s not too clear what Layla’s trying to do, but she manages to hit a snapmare.

Later Eve shows her greenness with an awkward arm drag and powerslam, that powerslam was weird to watch. Then there’s the return of her equally awkward one-legged dropkick. This all leads into the very good finish from Eve who gets the win.

After the match, I don’t know what they were trying to accomplish with the whole handshake thing but it just seemed pointless.

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