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SmackDown Redux Does WWE Superstars (Feb. 25th, 2010): The Dynasty Continues

The Hart Dynasty, led by Natalya, continued their winning ways over the oddball team of Maria, Matt Hardy and The Great Khali this week on WWE Superstars. After beating the trio last week on SmackDown, the Harts handed the group another loss. I’m sure Uncle Bret being on Raw has nothing to do with their recent winning ways. Watch below:

So after some men’s wrestling — yuck, who wants to see that? — we get to the women folk. Khali was in the ring with David Hart Smith, pretty much making him his bitch. Smith runs to his corner and Natalya tactfully tags in due to the mixed tag rules which mean Khali must tag out to Maria, allowing the Dynasty to re-gain momentum in the match.

Natalya tags in and runs at the opposing corner, knocking Maria off the apron forcefully. Natalya then throws Maria back into the ring but as she gets on her feet and runs at Natalya, Maria ducks and then hits her with a legscissors without actually wrapping her legs around Natalya’s head. She’s full of tricks, that Maria. The Diva of the Year then begins laying in the kicks to Natalya, all the while with her arms flailing in the air before trying to throw Nattie into the corner. Natalya counters, throwing Maria into the corner and runs at her but Maria fights back using the ropes to hoist herself up for a dropkick of sorts but Natalya manages to grab her feet, places them between the ring ropes and then smashes Maria head first onto the canvas.

Nattie drags Maria across the ring by the hair, lifting her up a little bit and then using her boot to slam her back down. Natalya then applies a submission move, driving her knee into Maria’s back. Maria begins rising to her feet and fights back with a butt bump. Maria tries to steer herself towards her corner but is slammed back down to the mat hair-first by Natalya. Nattie hits a scoop slam and then steps on Maria before going to her corner to taunt her tag team partners. Natalya chops Khali across the chest but it doesn’t do anything to the big man. Khali then grabs Natalya’s arm before Hart Smith gets into the ring and runs at Khali with a big boot, knocking him off the apron.

With the referee distracted by Smith, Tyson Kidd gets into the ring and is about to hit a move on Maria but she wriggles free, slapping him and manages to tag in Matt Hardy.

Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate but Natalya grabs him by the hair. Maria comes up behind her and hits her with the bulldog. Later, Smith and Kidd hit the Hart Attack on Hardy for the win.

Again, there isn’t much to expect from the ladies in six tag matches but it was okay. Perhaps a little sloppier than the match on SmackDown last week due to Maria getting in more offense rather than being dominated by Natalya. I said last week I’d like to see a singles match between these two but now I’m not so sure. I just don’t think Maria has a lot to offer when she’s on the offensive but when she’s being beaten down and stuff, she plays that role incredibly well.

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