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SmackDown Redux (February 4th, 2016): Revenge and a Reluctant Reunion

The Divas Division has been on a collision course to FastLane the last PPV stop on the Road to WrestleMania, and it has truly been an exciting time. Maybe the most exciting Road to WrestleManias in such a long time.  Honoring her sister, Brie Bella got a huge win over the Divas Champion Charlotte, entering the title scene. Team B.A.D.’s locked on taking out their former counterpart Sasha Banks, who received help from the woman she took out at the Royal Rumble: Becky Lynch. As Raw turns into SmackDown (yes, that was a shot at the HD set), what will happen next in Diva land?

After a commercial and a shot of the Memphis Grizzlies, we are taken backstage to Renee Young and Becky Lynch:

Renee shows the clip of Team B.A.D. attacking Sasha and then Becky making the save before asking her why she would help a woman who is also gunning for Charlotte’s Divas Championship.

Before Becky could fully answer, Sasha Banks interrupts telling Renee she’s turning this into an episode of Table For Three. Becky states that whenever some needs help, she will step in. Then the two argue about Team B.A.D.’s target before agreeing to disagree. Renee asks Becky if they have just agreed to team up and Becky says she doesn’t know.

Later on in the night, Charlotte takes on Alicia Fox with both Ric Flair and Brie Bella in their respective corners:

They lock up and Charlotte takes control with a headlock. Foxy pushes Charlotte to the ropes and shoulder blocks the champion. Charlotte doesn’t seem to pleased with Ms. Fox as she kicks her in the gut. She throws her to the ropes and Foxy tries to go over and clubs the back. Foxy tries to counter but gets hit with a neckbreaker from the second rope and flies out of the ring.

Brie rallies Foxy to get up as Charlotte throws her into the ring. Her and Brie have a war of words and when she gets into the ring, Foxy hits some stiff forearms placing her into the corner before delivering a sunset flip, gaining a near fall. Charlotte responds with a clothesline and taunts the crowd before gaining a near fall. She follows up with a headscissors for a few moments and then Alicia Fox counters with a pin attempt.

Both Divas have the same thought and hit a double big boot and the count begins. Foxy rallies with a series of strikes and hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. We get a shot of a thrilled Brie Bella. Back in the ring, Foxy’s momentum grows with a Northern Lights Suplex pinning combination, only getting two. As Foxy tries to get up, Charlotte chop blocks her, allowing her to place into the Figure Eight, making Alicia Fox have no choice but to tap out.

Post-match, The Flairs celebrate her victory and Alicia Fox has a meltdown in the ring as Brie tries to tend to the unstable member of Team Bella.

Thoughts: First, SmackDown so far this year has been LEAGUES ahead of SmackDowns in the past. We are actually getting advancement and bridging of storylines and it is so refreshing.

Looking back, at the backstage promo of Sasha and Becky was good. It established what needs to happen for FastLane. I guess some people wondered what would happen if the two team up, if Sasha would suddenly turn face. But her having an attitude and shading Becky was a nice touch to protect her heeldom. The segment itself was hilarious and gave me a female version of Team Hell No. I hope the end game here is a tag match at FastLane. Also, kudos to Sasha for the Table For Three line. Thank God the Network plugs are actually becoming more creative and subtle.

The match with Alicia Fox and Charlotte was a nice treat to see. Foxy wrestles really well as a face and even though her and Charlotte are the same size, they wrestle so differently. Charlotte is very controlled and has finesse, and Foxy is so wild and crazy. Her counters into the sunset flip and Northern Lights were awesome to see. Kudos to Charlotte for her facials in this match. She looked great here. Foxy’s meltdown was a light at the end of the tunnel. It seemed like the Crazy Fox gimmick was dead and gone but it was good to see it here.

What will happen next week? How will the warfare between the newly reunited Team B.A.E. and Team B.A.D. continue? Will Brie Mode get a title shot? H0w many times will Ric Flair woo? We’ll find out next week in the Redux! Thanks for reading!

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