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SmackDown Redux (July 11th, 2014): A Breakup and a Makeup

Hello all, and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux! This week the new Divas Champion, AJ Lee takes on former Funkadactyl, Cameron. Can Cameron prove that she can fly solo or will the Black Widow claim another victim? Check out the match below:

We start things off with Cameron already in the ring, primping in preparation for the match. AJ is out next and we are treated to a clip of her title win, as well as the announcement of her title match at Battleground. The referee signaled for the bell and AJ is ready to go, but Cameron stops to reapply her lip gloss. As soon as AJ is distracted, Cameron goes on the attack.

Cameron slams AJ’s against the mat, before drawing on her face with lipstick and choking her over the second rope. Before AJ can get her bearings, Cameron manages to lock in a variation of Cattle Mutilation, looking for the submission victory. AJ fights out of the hold and rolls Cameron up for the nearfall, but gets nails AJ in the face with a low dropkick for a nearfall of her own. Feeling a little cocky, Cameron starts piefacing AJ, which brings out her crazy side. AJ unleashes a flurry of offense ending with a spin kick to the face for a two count.

Seeing that she no longer had the advantage, Cameron tries to escape but her former partner, Naomi runs out and throws her back in the ring. AJ takes advantage and hits an impressive School Girl/Shining Wizard combination for the win.

We also got some resolution in the Summer Rae and Layla rivalry, as they faced off in singles action, with Fandango as Special Guest Referee. But first, we are treated to a cat fight during Fandango vs. Adam Rose:

The match never really got started, as both Divas attack Fandango and end up becoming each other’s dance partners, leaving Fandango out in the cold.

Thoughts: We got a two-for-one in this match. AJ was made to look like a strong champion and built some more interest and momentum going into her title match. Also, we got some more build in the Naomi/Cameron feud.

The star of the this match for me had to have been Cameron, believe or not. I’ve always thought that Cameron was more suited to being a heel, and she proves why in this match. It was just such a difference from her previous showings. I don’t where this Cameron came from, but I hope she continues to step it up.

As for Summer Rae vs Layla, it was a cute segment, but I’m left wondering what’s next for them. Now that the love triangle is done, do they become a tag team? Do they start new feuds? We’ll have to wait to see, but it was a pretty a good end for a rivalry that was basically about fighting over a man.

Well, that all for this week, guys. Until next time!

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