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SmackDown Redux (July 20th, 2012): AJ and Daniel Bryan’s Pre-Wedding Adventure

While there may not have been much Divas action in the ring this week on SmackDown, we were treated to a special edition of ‘The Peep Show’ with special guests Daniel Bryan and his bride-to-be, AJ. Will the newly engaged power couple give us cavities with their rekindled love or will this get uglier than episode of Maury? Check out the segment below:

While the segment starts off innocently enough with lots of ring flashing from AJ, and a ridiculously adorable video package of AJ and Daniel planning their wedding, things take a turn for the worse when Christian questions AJ and Daniel about why they’re getting married. He even suggests that Daniel doesn’t really love AJ, prompting AJ to slap him across the face.

After forgiving AJ for her ‘Bridezilla moment’, Christian announces that Daniel has a match tonight against his fiance’s “psychotic ex-boyfriend”, Kane.

Towards the end of the match, AJ leaps on Kane’s back in an attempt to save her future husband from a chokeslam, causing a DQ. Daniel takes advantage of the situation and attacks Kane, but Kane lays him out with a chokeslam with AJ still clinging to his back like an enraged bushbaby. Turning his attention back to AJ, Kane swings her around to face him and the Geek Goddess and the Red Monster find themselves in the same position we saw them in weeks and weeks ago on Raw.

Just when you think AJ is going to turn her back on her fiance and their pending nuptials, she slowly pulls away from Kane and runs back to the arms of Daniel Bryan to end the segment.

I’m not exactly sure what this storyline between Kane, Daniel Bryan and AJ is leading to, but I’d wager that it will play into AJ’s wedding on Raw 1000 on Monday. As we all know, wrestling weddings never go according to plan, so it’s anybody’s guess as to what’s going to happen between these three come Monday night.

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