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SmackDown Redux (July 9th, 2010): Look Who’s Talking…

It’s rare to see Divas being given promo time… they’re usually just thrown out there for their standard three minute match. So imagine my surprise when all of the Divas were given speaking parts this week. After main eventing Superstars last night, the ‘main’ Divas, Lay-Cool and Kelly were pretty much given the night off this week on SmackDown — save for a backstage segment. Watch below:

Josh Mathews announces that Kelly Kelly will challenge the official WWE Women’s Champion, Layla at the Money in the Bank pay per view next week and asks for Kelly’s thoughts. Before she can even get a word in, in comes Layla taunting her. Layla takes a can of spray out but before she can do anything, Kelly smacks it out of her hand and grabss Layla by the throat rather viciously. “What are you gonna do, huh?” she says to Layla.

However, Michelle McCool makes the save, attacking Kelly from behind. The two Divas beat down the #1 Contender and Michelle smashes her head against the ground. As they leave, Tiffany and some referees come to check on her, although the damage has been done.

A really short segment but after an extremely satisfying 8-minute match on Superstars last night, I’m not complaining. Kelly’s aggression with Layla was fantastic and finally, I feel like I’m seeing something from this girl. Usually, she’s just so happy and smiley and lacks a fire and desire but here, you could see that fire in her. She’s finally fed up of Layla and Michelle and is ready to fight. Good way to set up their title match.

The beatdown on Kelly was also nicely done and sets up this match pretty well, with some real animosity between these Divas now. That’s all I ask for: make it seem real. I want to see a real tension and animosity between these girls heading into pay per view matches and they did that. But my concern is that next week, they’ll lose all this momentum just two days before the pay per view. Hopefully not.

For Rosa & Serena, follow the cut:

Seems like Rosa Mendes has a new gimmick… of training backstage? I don’t know if this even going anywhere but for the last two weeks, she’s been seen working out and being given odd looks like by other Superstars. Watch this week’s encounter with CM Punk and Luke Gallows:

Will it actually lead anywhere? I doubt it. But it gets her on TV.

We also had continuation of last week’s Serena segment. It looks as though there’s a storyline brewing within the Straight Edge Society. Watch below:

It’ll be interesting to see where this is going. Sadly, it doesn’t look as though she’ll be part of the women’s division but the fact she’s getting a storyline is great.

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