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SmackDown Redux (June 12, 2009) – Melina’s Faith Broken

This week’s SmackDown saw more of the same tag team action we saw last week, minus two members (though one was at ringisde). Women’s Champion Melina teamed up with Eve Torres to take on the Diva who pinned her last week, Layla and the #1 Contender for her title, Michelle McCool. Check it out below:

First of all, no Gail Kim this week makes me sad. But onto the Divas who were on the show, Layla finally ditched the fug outfit she’s been wearing but I’m still not loving the hair, leave the big hair for Alicia and go back to the straighteners! Really liking Michelle’s hair tied up though.

This one is very interesting as it combines the two Divas feuds going on right now, with the more experienced Melina & Michelle leading their partners. Eve and Layla start things out with Layla taking the lead, though she may not be the best wrestler, Layla knows how to take control and carry her opponent already and that’s an invaluable ability. Layla throws Eve into the corner, goes for a clothesline but Eve elbows her. Then here’s some weird ish, Eve climbs up to the top rope only to jump off into a forward roll? Honey, you’re supposed to hit your opponent, not roll around them. Anyway, Eve’s jumping roll manages to give her an advantage and she hits one of her awkward dropkicks on Layla. And following an awkward dropkick, an awkward rollup. Eve is definitely the weakest link in this match. Once again, Layla throws Eve into the corner, she manages to counter by setting up a leg-scissors but Layla slams her down front first.

Time for Michelle to come into the match and pick things up! The very talented and aggressive Michelle, drives her knee into Eve’s back several times before hitting a really botchy legsweep, seriously Eve is not on her game tonight, her selling is awful. Fast forward a lil bit and Melina tags in and we get a little taste of the future… Melina hits a few forearms from the outside before getting in the ring and taking care of business with her usual fast paced style. Melina hits a really nice leg-scissors into a kick. Later she goes for her patented Matrish-into-kick, but Michelle manages to counter and Melina does a backflip. Great athleticism and exciting to watch too. Then another Melina patented move, the hair-smash. Layla breaks up the three count and gets dropkicked [awkwardly] out of the ring by Eve, and they do the usual catfight on the outside shtick.

Meanwhile in the ring, Melina sets up her Last Call but Alicia interferes and Michelle reverses into the Faith Breaker, which is executed just perfectly. Very, very nice finish to the match with the exchange of finishers.

Another great effort from SmackDown and I am definitely now ready for a one-on-one match between Melina and Michelle. I really hope they get thrown out there for a good ten minutes for their Women’s Championship match.

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