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SmackDown Redux (June 26, 2009) – ‘Jaw’ Dropping Bash Build


The final stop for the SmackDown Divas before the big Women’s Championship bout on Sunday, saw Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox take on Melina and Gail Kim. Watch below:

Following their epic tag team match last month, which I gave rave reviews, these four women had a lot to live up to when it came to a followup. The verdict? Unlike Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, this sequel lived up to expectations and was a worthy successor to the first match.

The two matches, while comparable because of those involved, are great for different reasons. The first match was a success due to the cool spots and high energy involved; this match however, is a success because of the great story told. It’s a testament to the Women’s Champion Melina, for selling the story the way she did and the way Alicia and Michelle kept her isolated making for a ‘hot tag moment’ when the much missed Gail Kim entered the match.

I can only say good things about Alicia Fox, every week she impresses and by giving her more of an offense this week, she didn’t disappoint. From the outset, Alicia takes control and we have a cool spot where Melina uses her flexibility to arch into a pin. Alicia then tags out to McCool for a tease of their match on Sunday at The Bash. Michelle, who has proven to be quite an aggressive heel, kicks Melina in the jaw setting up the story for the rest of the match; she then hits her patented running knee which again, looked awesom and Melina sold it incredibly well. Alicia even manages to get a cheap shot from the outside, showing her tenacity too. Michelle hits a nice Russian leg-sweep into pin attempt, which has become an admirable part of Michelle’s moveset lately.

Alicia is back in the match now, with a headlock followed by a hair-slam, showing some aggression herself. Alicia then goes for Maryse‘s favourite move, the camel clutch, contorting Melina’s body in shades of last week.

It’s time to welcome Gail Kim back to SmackDown as she gets a hot tag into the match and business picks up! I’m very biased towards Gail & here’s why, she just looks so at ease and incredible in the ring. A barrage of clotheslines followed by going into the corner, Gail jumps through the ropes and then here’s a unique move – she sort of jumps on top of Alicia who’s hanging on the middle rope. She then hits an awesome moonsault-esque crossbody from the top rope followed by a hurricanrana. In the meanwhile, Michelle has made a blind tag unbeknownst to Gail. Unique counter here, as she intercepts Gail as she’s about to hit her one-legged jawbreaker, picking her up into the Faith Breaker for the win.

Really fantastic match. Notice how they got a couple of extra minutes this week too, this gives me some hope we may get a nice long pay per view match this Sunday. If that hasn’t whet your appetite for The Bash go see a doctor, because there’s something wrong with you.

– Don’t forget to join us for our Bash live blog on Sunday!

PS: I’m getting sick of the purposefully rude and ignorant comments about Michelle McCool in these Redux posts. I don’t care who she’s banging. I don’t care if you think she’s the She-Devil. Keep it on topic to SmackDown and storylines. I will hand out ass-whoopings if I have to.

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