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SmackDown Redux (March 24th, 2016): Reaching the Boiling Point

Hello readers! We are less than two weeks away from WrestleMania, and for the first time in a decade we will have two Divas matches (and BONUS for the second not having a pillow fight). This is such an exciting time as on this week’s SmackDown has Boston’s hometown hero Sasha Banks taking on the Divas Champion Charlotte, with Becky Lynch on commentary. Something tells me things are going to get a little heated, so let’s get to the action!

The Divas actually open SmackDown as Charlotte with her Hall of Fame pappy, Ric Flair has the microphone. She starts her diatribe stating that we are little over a week away from WrestleMania, and that means we’re one week away from Ms. Flair ending the “so called Divas Revolution”. And as a result, Charlotte will begin the WOO Revolution, which entails putting  an end to Becky Lynch and “Boston’s so called hometown hero”, Sasha Banks. She closes saying that at the record breaking crowd at Dallas, the only thing the WWE Universe will be saying is “WOO!”

Out comes Sasha Banks to a great reaction and this match is underway!

Charlotte immediately powders out of the ring as the bell rings and taunts The Boss. Sasha gets pissed and goes after Charlotte. Charlotte catches her with a right hand. She brings her in the ring but Sasha takes her down and starts a ground and pound attack. Sasha makes matters worst nailing a series of Charlotte’s signature chops to the chest. Sasha follow things up with a dropkick. She only gains a one count. Charlotte gains some more control kneeing Sasha’s mid-section. Sasha connects with a back elbow.

Ric distracts Sasha from the outside with some Woos and gives the opening for Charlotte to drive Sasha to the mat with a big boot. Charlotte drives Sasha head to the mat a few times and talks some trash before giving a neckbreaker to Sasha. Charlotte applies a nerve hold to Sasha, who starts  powering out with some right hands to the midsection of Charlotte. Sasha rolls Charlotte up with a school boy and only gets the two count. Sasha with a backslide for another two count.

Charlotte exploder suplexes Sasha sending her to the corner . Sasha tries to rally back with a combo of a back elbow and a boot to the face. Charlotte retaliates drops Sasha with a knife edge chop. Charlotte tries to go for it again but Sasha answers back with a series of right forearms to Charlotte. Sasha knees the face and adds the momentum with a running jumping double knee to Charlotte. She lands and grabs her leg for a nearfall.

The Divas Champion tries to find refuge in the corner, but it doesn’t last long when Sasha hits a running knee attack. Sasha then places Charlotte in the ropes and attempts for the double knee stomp, but Charlotte smartly rolls to the outside. As she tries to get a breather on the outside, Sasha hits a baseball slide dropkick, sending Charlotte into Becky Lynch.

Charlotte throws Sasha into Becky, and cowers away to the ring. Sasha and the Lasskicker have a war of words before she shoves Becky. That distraction allows Charlotte to spinebuster Sasha once she gets in the ring. Charlotte then goes for the Figure Eight, but Sasha rolls her up with an inside cradle for the victory. After the match, Becky gets back in the ring and gives Exploder Suplexes to both Charlotte and Sasha and leaves the ring. Sasha then attacks Charlotte with the Bank Statement.

Thoughts: Another week, another solid SmackDown. First off, I LOVED that fact that Divas opened the show. It was different and actually gave the rest of the show a strong start. I got flashbacks to 2002, when the Divas opened every week. (It makes our jobs easier for these Reduxes! :) ) Having that slot is a sign of respect because you set the tone of the entire show, and the women here delivered. Now to get that on RAW…

I thought Charlotte’s promo was very short and sweet. I like her character’s continued evolution. She’s gone from being spoiled, entitled, and cowardly to now believing she’s on a crusade for her own revolution. Charlotte’s come a long way in regards to her mic work. She’s gotten really comfortable and elicits the desired reactions more frequently.

The match was fun and at times gave me shades of their epic NXT battles. I don’t have a ton of notes regarding the match, it was fun and exciting. I liked the spinebuster and Sasha adding that Evan Bourne-esque double knees was fresh. Sasha gaining a pinfall victory was good to see and Charlotte’s reaction was priceless. The undefeated streak continues! And having a win of the champion cements the reason behind her contendership. I really liked that Becky has had enough of people toying with her. Having her suplex both Sasha and Charlotte and leaving was perfect. I love that Becky got to have a moment of dominance in this feud. It gives her that extra boost as a contender.

With that being said, I like that this feud regarding the three-way title match has had buildup and story, but it has not gotten intense yet. I kind of want there to be a Lita/Trish backstage segment from the SmackDown before WrestleMania X8 with Becky and Sasha. I want the hatred to be there. It seems too lax. I think the promo last week was such a great start and things seemed to be going great, but it has kind of fizzled. In this last week or so, I hope things get amped up on this road to WrestleMania and get some more story. In the end, there were more positives than negatives this week. I know these three women are going to blow the roof out of the place in Dallas, but I would like to see this feud get a lot more physical and more personal.

What did you think? Does Sasha have Charlotte’s number? Is Becky going to suplex everyone until Dallas? Or will Charlotte’s Woo Revolution take off? Let me know in the comments and as always, thanks for reading.

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