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SmackDown Redux (May 30th, 2014): Alicia Drives Paige Crazy as a Fox

Hey, Diva fans and welcome to this week’s edition of the SmackDown Redux! This week, Divas Champion Paige takes on Tamina Snuka in non-title action. After losing to the #1 contender, Alicia Fox (Never thought I’d say that, to be honest) in her last non-title bout, can Paige build some momentum going into her defense at Payback this Sunday? Check out the match below:

Tamina makes her way to the ring first, followed by Paige, who says she is going to prove to everyone that she deserves to be in the WWE via backstage vignette.

The referee signals for the bell and our match gets started. The Divas lock up, but before much can happen, Alicia makes her way to ringside. Paige isn’t able to keep her head in the game, as Alicia struts around the ring, taking selfies with the fans. Alicia spots Paige’s title and grabs it, posing for the fans. Paige yells at her to give it back, and eats a superkick from Tamina for her trouble, but manages to kick out at 2.

Paige continues to take the fight to Tamina, showing off her vicious striking ability, but continues to fall victim to Alicia’s taunting. Tamina tries to take advantage of Paige’s distracted state with a Samoan Drop, but the champ reverses it into a Paige Turner, followed by the newly named PTO to pick up the win.

Satisfied with getting into Paige’s head, Alicia retreats leaving the title on the ramp.

Thoughts: Was there a match happening?! I had no idea! I was so into Alicia’s ringside antics that I totally missed the match. This new personality is such a breath of fresh air from the veteran Diva. There was never any doubt that Alicia is talented, but lack of character was her downfall. By introducing this new crazy Alicia (Cray-licia, if you will), she has skyrocketed to the top of the division overnight. She’s even overshadowed the rookie sensation, Paige, I dare say. I think the weeks of developing between the two of them will make a great title match, but more on that in my Payback prediction.

Well, that’s all for this week, kiddos. Until next time… “IT’S WEDGIE TIME!!!!”

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