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SmackDown Redux (November 19th, 2015): All Systems Go

Hey guys! I’m back after a Diva-less SmackDown last week, so let’s get this literary party started! On RAW, Paige and Charlotte main-evented in one of the most controversial contract signing segments in recent memory. This episode of SmackDown was the last show until Survivor Series, how will Charlotte rebound from the epic insults and personal jabs thrown at her before her second title defense? What other mind games does Paige have up her sleeve? Let’s watch!

The Queen of Brie Mode, Brie Bella is the ring (with Alicia Fox in her corner) waiting for her opponent The Divas Champion Charlotte! Charlotte looks surprisingly cheery on her way to the ring, greeting the fans. The bell rings, Charlotte lets out a “Woo” and the two Divas lock up! Charlotte gains control with a waist lock, then suddenly rolling up Brie for a two-count. Brie looks amused and the two lock up again, with Charlotte gaining control again with a waist lock. Brie quickly jabs her with an elbow and grabs her head in with headlock. The Champion tries to power out, attempting a back suplex, when Brie counters with a headlock snapmare, and still holds pressure. Charlotte tries to roll Brie up, but only gets two. Brie is still applying the hold.

Charlotte gets enough power to push brie to the ropes, ducks and hits a dropkick (?) knocking down Brie. She goes for the pin but can only get a two-count on the Total Divas star. Charlotte lands a few blows to the torso to Brie. Charlotte lets out another “Woo” and deliever her kneeling leg based headlock suplexes to Brie land her in the corner. She kips ups and runs to the corner but Brie runs out of the way. Charlotte honors her Hall of Famer dad by scaling the ropes and shoulder checking Brie from the apron. Charlotte goes for a shoulder check into a school-girl rollup and gains a nearfall. Brie hits an elbow and throws Charlotte into the second rope.

Charlotte is groggy, seated with her body against the second rope and Brie lands a few kicks to the chest. Brie lets out a huge “BRRRRRRRRIIEEEEEEE MOOOOOOOOODEEEEEE” and knees the Champion in the face. Brie adds more momentum and dropkicks Charlotte. She gains another nearfall as we get a Rolaids sponsored replay of the attack. We get back to action to see Brie honoring her husband with some side kicks to the chest and she misses the third kick to the head allowing Charlotte to roll up Brie again, only gaining two. Both divas thought the same as when they both got up, the hit clotheslines knocking each other down.

Alicia Fox hits the mat cheering on her teammate. The two Divas get up, and have a slug fest ending with Charlotte chopping Brie all the way to the Queens City. Brie falls back into the corner to find refuge but Charlotte splashes her. She lets another “Woo” and hits a neckbreaker followed by a big boot. She goes for a cover and only gets two. Charlotte goes for a knee but Brie dodges it, and then Brie goes for a Bella Buster but Charlotte escapes, countering into a spear followed by the Figure 8 to get a submission victory.

After the match we are greeted by the top-knot sportin’ Renee Young who is interviewing Paige. Renee asks her that if she feels that she pushed Charlotte too far. Paige fires back asking if Renee came up with the question by herself, adding that she is being accused without merit. Paige calls it Renee being Renee (I popped huge). She says that it won’t matter if Charlotte becomes the Incredible Hulk at Survivor Series, she won’t win. She labels Charlotte as immature and says a true champion doesn’t let words get under their skin. Renee tries to make Paige understand that her comments have made the very personal. Paige responds with their is no line she won’t cross to become a true champion and she walks away to end the segment.


Thoughts: Interesting to say the least. I found it rather odd that Charlotte was jolly on her way to the ring for the match. I was expecting her to be angry, emotional and uncontrollable. After the emotional turmoil from Monday, I thought she would be P.O.’ed until Sunday. My focus wasn’t really on the match, to be quite honest. I was focused on how out of place the match felt in the storyline. This seemed like a regular house show match, not like there was any plot device set in place. I do recognize that a member of the commentary team said that Charlotte was taking a calm approach but that felt flat for me.

If I could play armchair booker, I would have had Charlotte lose this via DQ. I would have Charlotte lose control and be so in her emotions that it seems that Paige is winning this match easily. Regarding Paige’s interview, it was okay but I feel that this feud needed another two weeks. I think if you go back to after Night of Champions to when Paige turned heel, add the beatdown on PCB the next week, and the contract signing the following week; things would feel much more smooth and more intense. Add two more weeks of Paige seeming to control Charlotte’s mind would have been major heat to add to this. I think that the segment on Monday was great but needed something stronger on SmackDown this week and I don’t think a quick match and kinda typical heel backstage interview was the remedy this week. Here’s to hoping these women KILL IT this Sunday and give us a great war, and hopefully a new warrior comes forth. What did you think? Keep the conversation going in the comments if this week’s SmackDown was a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down? See you next week for some Survivor Series fallout!

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