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SmackDown Redux (November 5th, 2015): Who’s B.A.D.?

Hey guys! So last week on SmackDown, we witnessed Team B.A.D. attack after costing Natalya a match and Summer Breeze once again made an impact at the cost of Dolph Ziggler. How will Nattie rebound from last week now that her target is clear? Let’s watch!

We get a look back (via video package) to last week’s attack on Natalya. Then wee see Maury Povich of the WWE, Renee Young is backstage with Team B.A.D. She is about to ask a question when she is cut off my Naomi after the use of the word ‘assaulted’. Naomi corrects her and says they ‘snatched’ her. (Boy, the old-school DD Disqus commenters would have loved this one, I could see the YASS GIFs now) Sasha Banks jumps in the convo and explains that Nattie is always seeking attention. Renee answers back by saying on the WWE Facebook page, Nattie has challenged the leader of Team B.A.D. to a match. Renee then asks who will be Natalya’s opponent. Sasha answers first warning Nattie she better be careful what she wishes for. Naomi follows up saying they know the game Nattie is playing and they won’t get broken up, they know who the leader is. Sasha says damn right and walks away. Naomi and Tamina look very perplexed. Naomi leaves and Tamina grills Nattie so hard. Comedic gold. (I could not finish my mango Italian ice, thanks Tamina)

Natalya is already in the ring and then we hear…

“I’M AMAYAYAYAYAYAYAZIN!” Team B.A.D. makes their way to ring and we still have no idea who is facing Natalya. Both Sasha and Naomi try to get to the ring first but they argue on the apron over who is going in when Tamina climbs up and accepts the challenge. Here we go it is officially Tamina vs Natalya!

The bell rings and Nattie gets a few kicks and punches in before Tamina shrugs her off. Tamina goes for a lockup but Nattie ducks a tries for a waist-lock but Tamina hip attacks her.  Tamina kicks her and grabs the wrists of Tamina. Nattie shows off her athleticism with some flips trying to fight out of the move but Tamina answers that with a headbutt. As she tries to recover, Nattie see Sasha Banks taunting her. Tamina clubs her back and picks Nattie up for a scoop slam. She hits a knee drop. “We Want Sasha” chants begin Tamina yells “You can’t have her!” before missing a leg drop.

Natalya uses that miscue to hit a basement dropkick and gains a nearfall. Naomi tries to get in the ring and Natties stares her down. This distraction allows Nattie to get Superkicked by Tamina. Tamina brings Nattie on the ropes and starts to choke her with it she almost gets a disqualification. The referee’s back is turned as Naomi slaps Nattie in the face. Tamina goes for the pin and only gets a two-count. Tamina applies a chin lock on Nattie. Nattie powers out and gets clotheslined for her efforts. Tamina throws Nattie into the corner and Nattie falls to the mat. Tamina whips into the opposite corner and as she runs to attack, Nattie hits her discus clothesline to gain some momentum.

Natalya aims to get Tamina in the Sharpshooter, but Sasha Banks gets on the apron and Nattie scares her off. Yet another distraction causes Nattie to get attacked by a Samoan Drop from Tamina. Tamina goes to the top rope to finish Nattie off but as she leaps Nattie gets the foot up stunning The Samoan Diva. This allows Nattie to deliver a roll-up for the win!

Thoughts: Hmmm, things are looking interesting on SmackDown. I kinda like the idea of two separate storylines on RAW and SmackDown. I think this Nattie vs Team B.A.D. feud could be really fun. I wish we knew who attacked Nattie though. It feels like that that storyline has been thrown out the window since Paige is on RAW challenging for the Divas Title. The main thing to discuss here is that it looks like the first crack in the wall of Team B.A.D. was formed on this episode of SmackDown. I really loved how this trio never really had a leader, you could make a case for either Naomi or Sasha really. But when Tamina stepped up to have this match, it made her for the first time, feel like an equal to the other two. I hope that this is a lot like the way that The Shield broke up with a moment of dissention, they make up, and for months they continue to be a solid unit only to have someone shock us all with their betrayal. It may be a simple approach but simple is always the best kind of booking for me. I love that the heel team cannot decide who is the leader. Heels are supposed to be egomaniacs and have an obnoxious amount of bravado. It wasn’t like Naomi and Sasha were gonna have an epic fight like Flo and Amber did poolside on The Bad Girls Club Season 4, but I like that they were friendlier than just jumping straight into animosity.

As far as my Queen Nattie goes, I am loving her being the H.D.I.C. (Head Diva in Charge) on SmackDown! I think splitting all these women up on these shows is smarter. You cannot push 9+ Divas at once but split them up and it can be better. I think Nattie (with her accomplice Renee Young, who is getting really sassy as of late) is stirring the pot like her character on Total Divas does which may explain the choice of the hashtag for the match. I am honestly intrigued on where this feud goes from here. Maybe we get a second Divas match at the Survivor Series? I’d take that even on the pre-show!

Thanks for reading! x

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