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SmackDown Redux (October 14th, 2011): And So We Meet Again…

WELCOME to the SmackDown Redux!~ Steven’s computer is facing problems (anal bleeding?) therefore I shall take over this week and bring you your SmackDown fixture. This week, our reigning Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix, goes one on one with her arch nemesis, Kelly Kelly, in a non-title match. With both Natalya and Eve Torres ringside, who knows what could happen?! Can Kelly topple the terrifying Glamazon, or can Beth continue to plow through the division one by one until there is nobody left? Let’s find out!

As we head to a commercial break, we see both Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres heading out to the ring as the recycled version of Kristal Marshall‘s old theme song plays in the background. Upon return, we see Beth Phoenix and Natalya make their way to the ring in matching gear. I shall admit, the Divas Title looks pretty good on Beth’s shoulder…but nonetheless, the upbeat theme of Kelly Kelly hits, as she and Eve enter the arena. Kelly removes her Dallas themed jersey, as the bell sounds and we kick things up.

Beth ambushes Kelly into the corner and begins choking her relentlessly! She backs up and charges forward, but Kelly ducks out of the way and takes control, smashing the Glamazon’s head into the corner and proceeding to level her with kicks to the stomach. K2 ducks a clothesline and runs off the ropes, looking to go for her patented spinning headscissors. After a few lightning fast spins that make even me feel dizzy, Beth manages to stop the move and drop her with a sick backbreaker.

A kiss blown from the Glamazon’s mouth follows, as she hooks the leg but only gets a two count. Beth starts slapping Kelly in the back of the head, but this only fires K2 up as she begins decking Beth with an assortment of punches. From there, Kelly runs off the ropes with her, now patented, Lou Thesz Press, as she continues to go crazy on her rival with fists to the face. Both women get to a vertical base, as Kelly is sent flying into the ropes. She comes back with a nice spinning DDT for a two count.

Beth falls into the corner, allowing Kelly to run forward with her handspring elbow attempt. Beth catches her though, and lifts her over the top rope. Kelly lands on the ring apron, but Beth quickly grabs her by the head and smashes her face first into one of the metal poles on the turnbuckle. From there, she grabs K2 by the arms and drags her inside the ring. She’s up……and DOWN with the Glam Slam. Beth flips Kelly over and covers for the victory.

Divas of Doom celebrate…as Kelly and Eve plot their next move for Diva domination.

Thoughts: Pretty solid match overall. Granted it wasn’t to the level of their pay per view outings, but what would one expect with a shorter time length given? Overall, it was much better than seeing a thirty second squash, and I really enjoy Beth and Kelly’s chemistry together in the ring. I think it goes to show how much they are meshing together when they can put on a good match in 1 or 2 minutes, and hats off to them on delivering a fun non-title bout. Not sure where this leads to, but since this was non-title, I’m assuming Kelly still has her rematch clause in tact.

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