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SmackDown Redux (October 24th, 2014): Trading Momentum

Salutations, fellow Diva fans and welcome to another edition of the SmackDown Redux here at Diva Dirt! In a repeat from last week, the blue brand is blessing us with two matches! Rejoice! Alicia Fox takes on the Divsa Champion, AJ Lee in a rematch from Monday Night, while Natalya, Naomi and Brie Bella clash against Summer Rae, Cameron and Nikki Bella in a Total Divas tag match. Can both matches deliver the goods or should we just skip them and have a Total Divas marathon instead? First up, AJ vs Alicia:

We kick things off with Alicia Fox with her bestie, Paige, already in the ring. AJ makes her way out next to a pretty good pop from the crowd. the official signals for the bell and the match is underway.

The Divas lock up and AJ gets the upperhand with an arm wringer, but Alicia nails her with an elbow to the face. Not to be deterred, AJ goes right back after her opponent with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, sending Alicia flying across the ring. Alicia fights back with a hard slap, but AJ lcoks in a guillotine choke, trying for the submission victory. Under the advice of her BFF, Paige, Alicia rams AJ into the turnbuckle to escape the hold, and busts out a beautiful Northern Lights suplex, but only gets a two count.

Staying on top of the champion, Alicia locks in a chokehold, followed by a scoopslam, before dragging AJ to the ropes to be berated by the irate #1 Contender. After Paige is done screaming in AJ’s face, Alicia whips her into the corner, but when she charges in, she eats two knees to the face from AJ, followed by double boots to the back.

Paige tries to interfere, but gets out of dodge when AJ takes a swing at her. Unfortunately for AJ, that opening is all Alicia needs to get back into control. Alicia goes to the well a second time for a scoopslam, but the champion reverses, shoves Alicia into Paige, and rolls her up for the win.

Later on, we got our Six-Diva tag match. Check it out below:

We join the match with 5 out of 6 participants already in the ring. Brie makes her entrance last to decent fanfare, and our match is underway, with Brie and Cameron starting for their respective teams.

The Divas lock up and Brie takes the advantage quite early, but gets grounded after a fancy (yet, poorly executed) lucha spot sends right into a lariat from Cameron. After a bit of showboating, Cameron drags Brie to her corner, and tags in Summer for a double team maneuver for a nearfall. Summer whip Brie into her corner, but Brie fights out and tries to take out Nikki, but Summer attacks from behind before she can.

Summer and Brie go back and forth with strikes and reversals, but when Brie finally crawls to her corner, Cameron snatches Naomi off of the apron before she can make the tag, leading to her being drilled by a spin kick from Summer. Sensing that victory was afoot, Nikki tags herself in and hit the Rack Attack on Brie to pick up the win for her team.

Post-match, Nikki cuts about her match against Brie at HIAC, and even works in a Cinderella reference, all while her twin sister lies in the middle of the ring.

Thoughts: I can’t help but feel like both of these storylines are just treading water until their respective blowoffs at HIAC. Week after week, we have gotten recycled match after recycled match. They aren’t bad matches by any stretch, but recycled nonetheless. Personally, I can’t wait to have these matches already, so we can move on. With all the girls in the division at the moment, there is no reason why we shouldn’t be receiving new, exciting match-ups on a weekly basis. Hopefully, WWE figures that out soon, or we’ll be seeing AJ vs Paige and Nikki vs Brie into 2015.

Well, that’s all for this week, guys! Until next time… “THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!!!!!”

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