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SmackDown Redux (September 14th, 2012): Kaitlyn Collides with the Glamazon on the Road to Night of Champions

Hola everyone, and welcome to this week’s Smackdown Redux. This week, we bring forth a match that I’m surprised hasn’t happened sooner, in Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix. It’s the last stop until Kaitlyn’s big shot at Layla‘s Divas Championship this Sunday during Night of Champions, but can she first put away the all mighty Glamazon? Let’s find out.

Following the entrances of both Kaitlyn and Beth Phoenix, as well as a plug for Kaitlyn’s big title match this Sunday at Night of Champions, the bell sounds and they lock up. Beth takes an early advantage with some headlocks and a knee to the abdomen, but Kaitlyn finally starts to fight back… briefly. Beth hoists her onto the ring apron, but Kaitlyn headbutts her in the stomach and slides in with a roll up for a two. Jackknife pin for another two, as Layla watches ringside while Beth lifts Kaitlyn into a Canadian backbreaker. Kaitlyn slides out and scores with a shoulder tackle, then proceeding to attempt a roll up that Beth ducks and Kaitlyn collides with the ropes. The Glamazon continues to take control of the number one contender, but Kaitlyn eventually fights out as a “Kaitlyn” chant breaks out! Nonetheless, Beth pulls her off the top rope and then signals for the Glam Slam, but Kaitlyn escapes and hits a reverse DDT for the win.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this match between Kaitlyn and Beth, which is something I’ve been wanting to see for quite some time. While there will probably be some people who are upset with Beth losing to Kaitlyn, I don’t really mind it. If the same person was on top forever, it would be boring. It’s nice seeing different people spotlighted, and this is just Kaitlyn’s turn. Beating a former Divas Champion was much needed for her in the wake of Eve sort of overshadowing her feud with Layla, and I thought it was a great segment. Personally, I felt both did fine together, although I’m not a fan of Kaitlyn’s finisher at all. It’s no secret she’s pretty much one of my favorite Divas, but the reverse DDT is way too basic for me. It never stood out, in my opinion, as a finishing type move, especially against someone like Beth Phoenix. I much prefer her leg submission or the wedgie flatliner she used to do in FCW. Other than that though, I enjoyed the match and I’m looking forward to Night of Champions this Sunday!

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