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SmackDown Redux (September 20th, 2013): NXT Season Three Throwback! Well, Sort Of.

Hello all, and welcome to this week’s SmackDown Redux! This week, we’ve got Divas in-ring action, but let’s first take a look at SmackDown GM Vickie Guerrero‘s decidedly crappy night.

At the beginning of SmackDown Vickie booked The Shield in a Gauntlet match against Superstars who ran to Daniel Bryan‘s defense on Monday night. This plan backfired, and Triple H was non too pleased about Vickie’s attempt to do what’s “best for business”:

He made her book a 6-Man Tag Team match for the main event, which didn’t exactly go to plan either. Poor Vickie.

Meanwhile, Divas Champion AJ Lee found herself in non-title action against Total Divas star Naomi (with Cameron in tow).

Also making an appearance on commentary is Natalya, who had a run-in with the champ this past Monday on Raw. Can Naomi bring home the win for Planet Funk or will AJ continue her ‘One Girl Revolution’? Check out the match below:

We start off with Naomi already in the ring and AJ is out next. As the champion approaches the ring, we are treated a backstage vignette from AJ saying she defeat every Total Diva.
The referee signals for the bell and our Divas match is underway.

AJ and Naomi go to lock up, but AJ kicks her opponent in the gut and whips her across the ring. Naomi counters with a fancy flip over the ropes, followed by a kick to the face. Naomi goes for a springboard splash next, but eats a roundhouse kick instead, for a nearfall.

Frustrated, AJ locks in a cravat on Naomi, looking to wear her opponent down. Naomi fights out,  but gets blasted in the face with a reverse elbow, earning AJ another nearfall. Taking advantage of the situation, AJ chokes Naomi over the middle rope, before going back to the cravat once again.

Naomi fights out of the submission predicament again, this time using a jawbreaker, and unleashes some high-octane offense, culminating with the Rear View for a near fall of her own. AJ tries to make a comeback, locking in a sleeper hold and when Naomi tries to reverse it, AJ quickly transitions into the Black Widow, forcing Naomi to tap out.

Thoughts: Really quick match, but enjoyable. I love when AJ and Naomi work with each other, as they have amazing chemistry, but let’s face it: I don’t think they will ever top that NXT 3 match.

I do love the idea of AJ making her way through the Total Divas until she makes her way to Natalya. I expect she will beat all the Total Divas with the exception of the newbies, before losing to Natalya in a non-title match, leading to a title match at the nearest PPV.

That’s all for this week, guys! Make sure you tune in next week as AJ continues her Total Divas Elimination Tour™. Until next time!

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