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SmackDown Redux (September 23rd, 2011): Doom Trumps Chick Busting

After two straight losses at Night of Champions and Raw, the Divas of Doom aka Beth Phoenix and Natalya, are looking to pick up a win on Friday Night SmackDown over The Chickbusters, AJ and Kaitlyn. Will D.O.D steamroll over the rookie Divas yet again or will the NXT 3 alumni pull out the upset victory? Check out the match below:

Straight from commercial, we find the Chickbusters already in the ring, fist bumping it up, as they await their opponents. Although they may look excited, I’m sure AJ hasn’t forgotten that brutal Glam Slam from last week… D.O.D come out next, still seething from their recent and looking to take out their frustrations on AJ and Kaitlyn. Poor Chickbusters…

The referee signals for the bell and Kaitlyn and Natalya start the match off for their respective teams. The lovely Divas lock up in the middle of the ring, but Nattie quickly overpowers Kaitlyn and forces her into the corner. Nattie grabs her rookie opponent by the hair, prompting the official to intervene, giving Kaitlyn just enough time to avoid Natalya as she charged into the corner. Kaitlyn follows up with a dropkick, but her momentum is quickly broght to a screeching halt, when Natalya sends her flying into the second rope.

Natalya tries to choke Kaitlyn out using the ropes and is admonished by the referee. Taking advantage of the distraction, Beth nearly breaks Kaitlyn’s jaw with a cheap kick to the face. With Kaitlyn effective neutralized for the moment, Nattie tags Beth in and they lay Kaitlyn out with a double delayed vertical suplex. Adding insult to injury, Beth grounds Kaitlyn’s face into the mat, but Kaitlyn fights her off and tags in the fresh AJ.

AJ comes into the match fiery as ever, laying into Beth with a flurry of strikes, culminating with a impressive shining wizard kick. It looks like AJ has this one in the bag, but Natalya breaks up the pins, which leads to Kaitlyn making the save for her partner. With Kaitlyn and Nattie fighting on the outside, Beth whips AJ towards the corner, but AJ attempts to reverse into a headscissors. Unfortunately, Beth catches her and lands a stiff kick to the gut, before finishing AJ off with a Glam Slam.

All in all, a pretty good match. D.O.D was made to look super strong, much like last week and I thought theChickbusters looked pretty good as well. Kaitlyn seems to be progressing well as a wrestler and even has some “real” ring gear, which definitely earns her some points in my book.

My biggest gripe is the fact that D.O.D seem to be stuck in a loop. Beat up rookies, earn title shot, lose title shot, wash, rinse, repeat, etc. WWE either needs to pull the trigger when it comes to D.O.D, because slowly but surely fans are losing interest. Something exciting needs to be done and soon, if WWE expects fans to keep believing the Divas of Doom hype.

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