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SmackDown Redux (September 28th, 2012): Dueling Divas of Doom

Well, Diva fans, this is the match we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us! This week on Friday Night SmackDown, ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix locks horns with The First Lady of The Hart Dynasty, Natalya. Can the Fabulous Firebird lay waste to the Queen of Harts in her hometown of Buffalo, NY or will Natalya come out as the victor? Check out the match below:

We kick things off with Natalya and Beth already in the ring. Before the bell, we’re treating to a quick Tout from the Divas Champion, Eve Torres, who says that Kaitlyn‘s attacker at Night of Champions (who she believes is Beth) will face serious repercussions for their actions. Back in the ring, the official signals for the bell and our Diva dream match is underway!

After a handshake, the two Divas start things off with a chain wrestling clinic that ends in a stalemate of sorts between the two. Beth slaps a headlock on Nattie and follows up with a takeover, but Nattie fights back to her feet and shoots Beth off of the ropes. Natalya goes for a crossbody, but Beth catches her in midair. Natalya manages to free herself and shoves The Glamazon away, which only seems to piss her off.

A frustrated Beth gets in Natalya’s face and is rewarded with a slap to the face from the third generation Diva. The Glamazon pauses for a moment to collect herself, before launching herself at Natalya, who is forced to flee to retreat to the ropes to escape the brutal attack. Natalya tries to get the jump on Beth, but Beth sees her coming and lays her out with a side Russian leg sweep, heading up to the high risk district.

Beth comes flying off of the top rope, but Nattie catches her and locks in the Sharpshooter, looking to finish her off. Beth uses her strength to get to the bottom rope, forcing Natalya to break the hold. Beth goes to roll up Nattie, but Nattie evades and goes for a wheelbarrow armdrag, which Beth converts into a Glam Slam to pick up the… TWO COUNT?!?! That’s right, Natalya manages to kick out at two, to the shock of the audience, as well as Beth.

Beth pick Natalya up off of the mat, but Natalya throws her face-first into the turnbuckle. Natalya tries to follow up, but runs right into a boot from The Glamazon. Beth takes advantage of the moment, and goes for a victory roll, which Natalya reverses for a nearfall, which is reversed by Beth to pick up the win!

Post-match Beth is overcome with emotion in the ring, but her moment is cut short when Eve’s music comes blasting over the speakers. Eve states that everyone must act rationally until the mystery of Kaitlyn’s attacker is solved, Beth will be suspended indefinately, due to the fact that Kaitlyn’s attacker was a blonde. OK, Eve. You’re just going to ignore the fact that there is another Blonde Diva in the ring? Seems legit…

Beth tries to point out the fact that Nattie is a Blonde too, which prompts her to flip the hell out on her, ending the segment.

Fortunately for Beth, once General Manager Booker caught wind of Eve’s decision he reversed it immediately:

Thoughts: While I won’t deny that this was one of the best Diva outings this year, I found myself wanting more. Maybe it’s because I know that Beth and Nattie are capable of so much more, and they’re being restricted by WWE’s standards of what women’s wrestling is. I think that if this match had happened on a PPV or even on Superstars, Beth and Nattie would have blown everyone out of the water. As for the “Who attacked Kaitlyn?” storyline, it’s already painfully clear that Eve is the culprit or at least the one who orchestrated Kaitlyn’s attack, but it is nice to see WWE giving a damn for once, when it comes to a Diva storyline. Hopefully, I’m wrong about Kaitlyn’s attacker and we’ll get a a curveball in this storyline down the road, but I doubt it…

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