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SmackDown Spoilers: April 16th, 2015

Below are spoilers for this Thursday’s edition of SmackDown:

* Renee Young interviewed Mizdow, but they were interrupted by The Miz. He reiterated that Monday was a fluke. Miz said he wants Mizdow to stop using the Miz brand. In a funny moment, Mizdow mimicked Miz, which wound him up. Mizdow challenged Miz to a match on Monday for the Miz trademark. Summer Rae slapped Miz to end the segment.

* Fandango ditched Rosa Mendes. She was looking sad when Adam Rose came past and gave her a pep talk.

* Cameron beat Alicia Fox and Natalya. Cameron won via pinfall.

* Fandango beat Adam Rose. Aggressive offense from Fandango, before Rosa Mendes came down and distracted him. Fandango won with a roll up in just under two minutes. After the match, Fandango danced with the crowd again.


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