Saturday, May 18, 2024

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SmackDown! Spoilers: Battle of the Blondes

EDIT: More detailed spoilers added!

It’s going to be (*COUGHperoxideCOUGH*) blonde-on-blonde this week on SmackDown!, highlight below to read:

Somewhere again backstage, Cherry was getting checked over in the trainer’s room, sporting a nice bruise on her face, when Maryse walked in. Words were exchanged, and a match was up next.

Michelle McCool vs. Maryse w/ Deuce and Domino. Towards the end of the match Cherry’s music plays and she comes out to the ramp, distracting Maryse long enough for Michelle to get the submission and the win.

Initial thoughts after the cut: My first thought was “I hope they’re wearing different coloured outfits”, otherwise it would be pretty hard to tell them apart. Anyway, this could be another (surprisingly) good match. I didn’t even know Maryse could wrestle but she’s very competent in the ring, Michelle even more so. I’ve said it in the past, if Michelle wants to be a top Diva she has to learn how to carry matches and that’s what she’ll have to do in this one with the inexperienced Maryse. She did a decent job working with Layla, so I expect a good match. SmackDown! airs this Friday night, 8/9ct on the CW Network.

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