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SmackDown Spoilers: February 25th, 2011

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown below:

* Teddy Long was shown on the tron and said he will have Vickie fight for her job in a mixed tag with Drew as her partner against Edge and Kelly Kelly tonight in the Main Event.

* Rosa Mendes defeated Layla with Michelle by Disqualification due to Michelle’s interference. Rosa actually didn’t do to bad in here which is surprising. At one point they took it to the outside and fought near where Michelle was on commentary. I couldn’t see really good, but it looked like Rosa pushes Michelle off of the chair and Layla gets back in the ring to try to win by countout. The ref turns to the outside to find Michelle attacking Rosa and disqualifies her. Layla finds out about this and is furious. She yells at Michelle, and Michelle gets back in the ring. Layla continues to yell at her and the crowd is yelling for a catfight to start. Instead, they both leave the ring and the dissension continues. I woukd say that the crowd was pretty hot for that confrontation. Just wondering who will make a face turn out of this?? Note to mention, Layla looked HOT!!

* Main Event Mixed Tag Team Match – Vickie’s Career on the Line: Edge & Kelly Kelly defeated Drew McIntyre & Vickie Guerrero. Kelly hits Vickie with the spear and outside of the ring they go. Edge wins by pinfall with the spear. In the ring, Edge celebrates while Vickie is shown crying. Teddy comes out, and funny thing to note is that Edge is doing Teddy’s little dance that he does. Haha. Teddy fires her and all Vickie does is plead with Edge to forgive her and get her job back. She goes outside to beg the Referree, Booker T, Michael Cole, and even the Camera man. Edge insteads sings her a song, the “Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye song”. The crowd starts chanting and Edge celebrates afterwards. Suddenly, Alberto Del Rio shows up from the crowd and attacks Edge. He gets booed, but not as much heat as I thought he would. (Source: PWInsider)

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