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SmackDown Spoilers: February 12th, 2010

Spoilers for this Friday’s SmackDown are in. Click ‘show’ to read:

EDIT: More detailed spoilers have been added.

* Layla and McCool antagonize Mickie James about eating a piece of fruit. McCool suggests that she eats a plate of cottage cheese for the title to fit around her waist, but Layla suggested that Mickie just opts for the Mark Henry belt extender. A frustrated Mickie slapped the plate out of Michelle’s hand and into Vickie Guerrero‘s face.

• • •

Mickie makes her way to the ring to go one on with Layla but before the match could get off to a good start, Vickie cut in with her “Excuse Me”. Vickie made it a handicap match, and McCool who was not dressed to compete took her belt off her jeans and took her shoes off to fight barefoot. There was a blooper midway through the match when Layla broke up a pin fall with a kick as her tights fell off (think HHH mooning Vince when DX reunited in 06). She hurriedly pulled her pants up. McCool wins the match with a Faith Breaker.

• • •

* Matt Hardy and Khali defeated The Hart Dynasty. Matt was very over like always here, and before the match started he introduced his Valentine, Maria who came out to the biggest Diva pop of the night. Matt worker the majority of the match, and the finish came when Natalya tried to cheat. Maria Lou Thesz presses Natalya on the outside while Matt rolls up Kidd for the win. After the match Khali, Singh, Matt, and Maria pose together, and once up the ramp Matt and Maria stopped to do the old Hardy/V1 combo pose together. (Source:

Thoughts after the cut:

Erin’s Thoughts
Looks like it’s still “gang up on Mickie” time on SmackDown. Where’s Beth?

Looks like it’s time for Maria to be paired with a random Superstar again. I like seeing Natalya get a bit more involved, though.

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