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SmackDown Spoilers: July 11th, 2014

Below are spoilers for this Friday’s edition of SmackDown:

* Cameron vs. AJ Lee is next. Cameron tries to walk out but Naomi comes from behind and throws her back in the ring. AJ gets the win with a Shining Wizard. Naomi and Cameron have a stare down.

* Adam Rose comes out with Summer Rae. Rose vs. Fandango is next. Layla and Summer start fighting outside of the ring as soon as the match starts. Fandango eventually goes to split them up but gets counted out. Fandango argues with the referee as Rose celebrates. Rose comes from behind and hits the Party Foul.

* Layla vs. Summer Rae with Fandango as special referee, a rematch from Money In the Bank is next. Summer kisses Fandango and then Layla does, causing Fandango to dance. Fans hum Fandango’s theme and he keeps dancing. Summer and Layla both attack Fandango. The segment ends with Fandango sitting on the stage in disbelief as Layla and Summer have apparently decided to team up now. They show off and dance.


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