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SmackDown Spoilers: July 20th, 2012

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

The Peep Show was up next. Christian came out. He said that bizarre was taken to a whole new level, then showed a recap of Daniel Bryan and AJ on Raw. Bryan and AJ entered. Bryan held the ropes for her. The wedding planning is apparently going well, then we saw a clip of them planning. It was delightful and silly.

Christian asked Bryan if he was sure he was doing the right thing. Bryan said yes. AJ said she has forgiven Bryan. Christian asked if this was true love. They said yes, then the crowd chanted yes.

Christian asked the crowd if they should get married, which they chanted a yes/no mixture for. Christian asked the crowd if they thought Bryan and AJ knew what they were doing. They answered with yes/no. He asked if AJ knew what she was doing, she slapped Christian.

They went to leave and Christian announced that AJ has a psychotic ex that Bryan would be facing right now. Cue Kane to enter for a match…

Kane defeated Daniel Bryan (w/A.J.) by DQ. A.J. tried to interfere, which led to Bryan being disqualified. After the match, A.J. nearly kissed Kane, but she declined doing so. Bryan and A.J. kissed on the ramp in front of Kane. This could be the start of a program. (Source)


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