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SmackDown Spoilers: June 15th, 2012

Diva Dirt reader @cable5 has sent us spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

* AJ opened Smackdown by coming to the ring to explain why she kissed Kane. Before she could say why, she was interrupted by Vickie & Dolph. Vickie made her way to the ring and ended up slapping AJ. AJ w/ a classic look, seemed to like it. CM Punk came out, then Daniel Bryan. Then Sheamus came out and said they would have the tag match main event now. With that AJ said she had some business to take care of.

AJ went after Vickie but Punk held her back. After Dolph and Bryan won the match, Vickie and AJ had brief catfight. AJ got kicked into the ring apron and ko’d. Kane then came out and started to carry AJ to the back. CM Punk stopped him. Kane got into the ring and chokeslammed Punk and Bryan. AJ looking on from the staged, gave us one of her now classic ‘crazy chick’ looks.

* With Layla on commentary, Beth defeated Alicia Fox w/ a Glam Slam in a quick squash. (Source: @cable5 on Twitter)


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