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SmackDown Spoilers: June 29th, 2012

Spoilers for Friday’s SmackDown:

* Layla def. AJ with a roll up after Daniel Bryan came out and ran around ring doing YES chant providing distraction.

Bryan calls out Vickie Guerrero. Says he is holding the show hostage until she comes out. Bryan and AJ have a dueling Yes chant until Vickie comes out. Bryan says he wants AJ banned from ringside during WWE Title match at Money in the Bank. But Vickie reveals a WWE.com poll that says AJ will be the guest referee. Bryan chants NO as he leaves.

* Backstage, Daniel Bryan tries to get on AJ’s good side and says he knows a doctor who could help her because that’s what people that care about each other do, they help each other. She says yes, yes, yes.

* Teddy Long informs Aksana & Cesaro that he will be GM next week and that on Smackdown they will team up to face Layla & the Great Khali. (Source)


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