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SmackDown Watch: February 13, 2009

After months of feuding, this week’s SmackDown features a grudge match between Maria and Michelle McCool. Check it out below:


Looks like Friday the 13th has shone some topsy-turvy luck on Maria, as the Diva who is usually appalling in the ring, manages a passable match this week. I have to say, this match wasn’t bad at all, possibly because Maria’s offense was limited but it worked, these two managed to put on a decent to good match. I think it’s a testament to Michelle, because she looked on fine form this week. She really has become an outstanding wrestler.

We knew that Maria would have to get some form of retribution over Michelle, but I didn’t want to see an unbelievable clean loss and I’m glad they didn’t do that. Having Eve help Maria and her getting a surprise roll-up win is believable and was fine in giving Maria her victory. I’m sure they could continue it so that Eve and Maria team up in trying to take down Michelle, which furthers this storyline. Good stuff.

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