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Small Screen Sirens: Cameron Phillips in “Terminator”

Like “Terminator” to “The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, Screen Sirens is transitioning from the big screen to the small screen! With the summer now over, we have no more female protagonists to analyse so we’ve decided to honour the launch of the 2008-2009 television season! Every September marks the launch of a new season in TV, with all our favourite shows coming back for new seasons and new shows starting too! In Small Screen Sirens, we will be finding out which female characters from our favourite shows would be a good fit for the Divas and Knockouts you see covered here at Diva Dirt.

This week, we want you to find the Diva or Knockout you think is best suited to the role of Cameron Phillips, the ultra sexy fembot in FOX’s “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”. More after the cut…

What Arnold Schwarzenneger was to the Terminator movies, Cameron is to “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” – the good Terminator trying to save John Connor. Cameron, played by Summer Glau, is the helping hand that manages to get John and mom, Sarah out of trouble each week. Cameron is designed to be a ‘soldier’ and ‘assassin’, needless to say she kicks ass! Whether it be with her bare hands or using weapons, Cameron is everything you’d want in an action babe. As she is a cyborg posing as human, Cameron has quirky characteristics and doesn’t always understand human interaction.

So which Diva or Knockout do you think is best suited to the role of Cameron? She’d be ass kicking, an action babe with a quirky personality. Vote below on who you think could portray those characteristics!

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