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Snap Judgment: Should AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler Split?

Our Snap Judgment feature asks you questions and gets a gut answer.

Every so often, we’ll ask a simple question, and you’ll vote in the poll. Remember: go with your gut. We want to know what you really think. Hey, it’s called Snap Judgment for a reason!

AJ Lee made a big mistake at last night’s Money in the Bank, DQing Dolph Ziggler and costing him his chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. The couple had an intense argument after the match, and Dolph left AJ in the ring, disgusted with her. The two seem to be headed in different directions, and last night’s incident only solidified that. Do you think AJ and Dolph should break up?

Quick, vote in the poll below and tell us what you picked in the comments!

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