Saturday, July 13, 2024

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Sonny Kiss Squares Off With Trinity On IMPACT

This week’s IMPACT showcased four Knockouts in two different bouts.

First, Jordynne Grace joined forces with Bully Ray to take on Steve Maclin and KiLynn King. Early in the bout, King wasted no time in slapping Bully around before he tagged out to Grace. King was able to continue showcasing her strength by tossing “The Juggernaut” around.

When Bully returned to the bout, Maclin distracted him on the top rope, allowing King to send him crashing down. In the closing moments, Grace landed a running double knees in the corner followed by a Vader Bomb. Maclin intervened, which led to King accidentally kicking him when Grace ducked. Jordynne then planted King with the Grace Driver for the win.

Next, Trinity took on Sonny Kiss for the first time ever. As expected, both competitors showcased their athleticism while trying to outwork the other. Trinity was finally able to break the stalemate with a crossbody from the top.

Kiss then spun Trinity around several times and then dropped her on her face. That set up a springboard back elbow across the ring. From there, Trinity fired back up with a springboard kick, splits, and split-legged moosault. Kiss tried to put the champ away with a huge handspring boot to the gut in the corner, but Trinity pulled out the sit-out bomb into the cover for the victory.

We also saw a new vignette from MK Ultra as they look to “reshape” fans’ realities.

No matches were announced for next week on Thanksgiving, however IPWF will return in two weeks.

What did you think of this week’s show? Sound off below!

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