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Stardom Introduces New IWGP Women’s Championship Belt

STARDOM has announced during its Stardom 2022 Strategy Meeting that the promotion will be introducing a new championship. The IWGP Women’s Championship will come in November and it is being created by both Stardom and NJPW for the women to defend in not only Japan but the United States at NJPW events.

It was recently announced that Stardom talent would start to regularly appear for NJPW by having women’s matches at their events in America. This was confirmed earlier this month.

In a second social media post, Stardom clarified that the inaugural IWGP Women’s Champion will be crowned at the NJPW x Stardom show in November. Also that this belt does not usurp the Red and White Belts and that the World of Stardom followed by the Wonder of Stardom gold are still the main titles for Stardom.

What are your thoughts on Stardom starting a new championship with NJPW? And who do you think should become the inaugural champion? Join the discussion below.

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