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Stars Earn Stripes Recap (Week 2): Eve Earns Immunity, Continues to Dominate Competition

Monday night saw the second episode of Stars Earn Stripes, and as far as our girl Eve Torres goes there’s not a whole lot to report – because she earned immunity and exemption from the second mission within the first five minutes of the show.

In the premiere episode, Eve and partner Nick Lachey completed the first mission with the fastest time of all the teams, but they weren’t rewarded with anything but a pat on the back – and of course $10,000 for their respective charities – for their accomplishment. This week, however, at the very top of the show they were pitted against each other in a shoot out, the winner of which would earn immunity and automatic entry into the third round…

And Eve positively wiped the floor with Nick. (But more on him later.)

The shoot out was fairly simply: take aim and take out two stationary targets. Eve only needed two shots to complete the task. Clearly she was a sniper in a past life.

Thus far the WWE Diva is the one to beat in this competition. She was the first to earn two stripes and $20,000 for the USO, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.

But Eve isn’t the only celebrity with a sharp shot. Picabo Street, Dean Cain, and Todd Palin all proved to be pretty handy with a rifle in the second mission, which required the celebrities to, once again, jump out of a helicopter and bungee down the side of a building before taking out several targets and escaping in a getaway vehicle. Street and Cain completed the second mission with the fastest time of the bunch. As far as competition for Eve, I still place Street at the very top of the list, and Cain is steadily inching up the ranks.

Which brings us back to Nick. In the premiere episode, Eve actually deemed him a “weak link,” something which seemed all the more true when she kicked his butt in the immunity shoot out, and even more so when he started to panic about having to jump out of the helicopter during the second mission. He and partner Terry Crews completed the mission with the slowest time, and as a result he found himself in yet another shoot out. In order to stay in the competition, he would have to take out all the targets before Crews.

Truthfully, I thought Crews would win; after all, he had to go through the exact same elimination shoot out course last week. But in the end Nick proved to be the better shooter on that particular day, and Crews was eliminated. Perhaps he isn’t as weak a link as Eve thought he was.

But, at least until next week, she doesn’t need to worry about anyone taking her spot as top celebrity contender.

Watch the full episode by clicking here.

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