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Stars Earn Stripes Recap (Week 3): Eve Wins, Yet Again

No one can stop Eve Torres.

For the third week in a row – not to mention for the entire duration of the show thus far – Eve shot her way to the top of the competition on Stars Earn Stripes. From her operative mentor Green Beret Grady Powell to the show’s host, former NATO commander Wesley Clark, everyone was impressed by her skill with a pistol. As far as the celebrity contestants are concerned, there really are no better shooters than Eve. Todd Palin is the only one who could really give her a run for a money; and when it’s considered that he, an avid hunter, has been handling guns for what is probably decades longer than her, her accuracy and control looks all the more impressive. As long as the missions rely heavily on shooting skill, Eve is certainly going to be hard to beat.

And this week’s mission was all about shooting skill. Appropriately named “Rapid Detonation,” the celebrities were required to disable a minefield before blowing up two enemy armory bunkers and escaping in a Humvee. Eve and Powell were paired with Dean Cain and U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in Team Alpha – and as Team Alpha they were required to complete the mission first, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

But the pressure of going first didn’t affect them at all. Eve made one slip-up when she forgot to take the safety off her pistol before she began shooting the second round of targets, but her spot-on aim easily made up the few seconds lost. She and Cain finished the mission with a time of 5:30, setting a bar that the other teams just couldn’t reach. Picabo Street/U.S. Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson and Palin/former Marine and NYC Cop J.W. Cortes finished in 7:19, while Laila Ali/Navy Corpsman Talon Smith and Nick Lachey/SWAT Commander Tom Stroup finished in 8:55.

As Ali and Lachey finished in the slowest amount of time, Lachey once again found himself in an elimination shootout; and, once again, he pulled through in the end. With Ali eliminated, Eve and Street are the only women left in the competition.

And I would certainly put my money on Eve to blow the boys out of the water in next week’s season finale.

Watch the full episode by clicking here.

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