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Stars of the Week: Week of January 3rd, 2011

It’s time to hand out some proverbial gold stars! Based on the week’s TV and news, each of the Diva Dirt team members have picked one female who they deem to be their ‘Star of the Week’. Read below…

April: My star for this week is Velvet Sky. True, she lost her tag match this week but she held her own and honestly impressed me. I think her feud with Sarita might actually go somewhere which gives me a new hope for the storyline. Velvet deserves a spotlight. She may not be the most skilled in-ring but she is an amazing character and she gives it all she can. I really look for her to shine this year.

Cryssi: My Star of the Week may surprise some people but to me it’s clearly a no brainer. Not only did this person look fierce on her respective show this week, but she showed just how influential she is to the superstars and Divas that surround her. This week, Vickie Guerrero vamped it up at the side of Dolph Ziggler and took over SmackDown in the absence of Teddy Long. Not only did she give Dolph a chance to win back the title he had just lost, but she gave him the biggest opportunity of his career thus far and he certainly capitalized and became the new number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. When it comes to delicious heels Vickie just can’t be touched and she was at her best on Friday night. And that my friends is why she’s my star of the week.

David: My Star of the Week is Kelly Kelly. I know, she lost to Michelle McCool on Friday Night SmackDown, but I am starting to really like what they are doing with her character. I have been critical of her previous spots with Drew McIntyre, but the WWE has stuck with them and I think the pairing is starting to show some chemistry. Even though Kelly was defeated Friday, I thought she took it right to both members of Lay-Cool and showed some interesting new offense. To me Lay-Cool’s “mean girls” act only works if you care about who is being bullied. As I was watching this week’s show I thought Kelly did a good job making me care about what happened to her, and I was even happy to see Drew come down to ringside to save her. I want emotion when I watch pro wrestling and I felt something this week. So well done Kelly.

Eric: I am excited to award my Star of the Week to Eve Torres. Even though Eve is seemingly outside of the Divas Championship title picture, she was the one to pick up the win over Melina on RAW. Futhermore, Eve is also going to be representing the Divas with her title win being included on the Best of Raw 2010 DVD. Well done Eve!

Erin:It’s been a slow week, but the woman who stood out the most to me despite that was Kelly Kelly. We’ve seen this “Superstar-saves-Diva” thing a billion times over, done better too, but pairing with a Superstar can likely lead to more exposure for a Diva, and this is what I think will happen for Kelly following this week. She’s been on the bench for a while, and though pairing with Drew might not necessarily lead to more matches, she’ll definitely get more TV time. Even if that TV time consists of backstage segments not worthy of a soap-opera (as these kinds of storylines have been known to produce), she’ll still be getting more exposure than most of her fellow Divas, and that certainly counts for something. This week, she not only was able to look like a resilient underdog in having to deal with Lay-Cool all by her lonesome, but the seeds were planted for a pairing that will keep her on television for a while. For a Diva in Kelly’s position, who might never get a healthy title-run push as a wrestler, this is a pretty good deal.

Melanie: My star this week goes to Tara for her new Bob Orton-esque gimmick. Long may it continue because I think it adds a little somethin’ spicy and exta to the Knockouts division. Could she help Madison retain the Knockouts Title against Mickie at the pay per view with her elbow brace? I think so.

Who is your Star of the Week? Sound off in the comments!

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