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SmackDown Redux (January 7th, 2011): Kelly Kelly Has a Knight in Tiny Black Trunks

Love is in the air as the first SmackDown of the new year graces our HD television screens and YouTube pages. The on-going saga of Kelly Kelly and Drew McIntyre continued on this week as Drew’s affection for Kelly burned bright. He begged her to support his actions in the ring and promised her that he would stand by her no matter what in a tumultuous attempt to win her love. Kelly, of course, remained hesitant and unsure as once again, Drew displayed how ferocious he is inside the ring in an unfortunate losing effort. If that unsettled Kelly, she didn’t show as she waged war with Lay-Cool member, Michelle McCool, in a glorious match that saw both Divas at their best. The ending for Kelly, well it wasn’t a storybook. Michelle’s partner-in-crime, Layla, teamed up with her bestie to harass Kelly at the end. But oh, surprise surprise. Miss Kelly Kelly had someone luscious come to her rescue.

Backstage Kelly Kelly, who looks strikingly like a real Barbie doll tonight, is stopped by who else but Drew McIntyre. He starts speaking to her in his sexy Scottish accent and as if my name was Kelly, I get goosebumps when her name is spoken. Drew says the he wanted to make sure he caught her before her match so he could wish her good luck. Kelly pulls back and just shakes her head. She doesn’t really believe he means that because with him, she can never tell. Drew reminds her that even though she doesn’t like the man she sees in the ring, wrestling is his whole lively hood. He says that tonight he has a chance to make his dreams come true because he will be competing in a number one contenders match.

That so worked out well for ya, didn’t it Drew?

Drew says that he isn’t looking for Kelly’s trust, he wants to earn that. But what he is asking from her is her support tonight because it’s the same support he plans on giving her. He wishes her good luck and Kelly smiles and thanks him. She walks off and Drew is left standing there like a love sick puppy.

Could he be any prettier? I’m just trying to find the good in this situation. Bear with me.

The match Drew eluded too would take place later on in the night. Ya know, after he lost to PERFECTION!

SmackDown took a commercial and when it returned to my HD television, Michelle and Layla were in the ring with their Slammys. They’re playing the recycled trophies (thanks Maria!) and talking to each other as Kelly’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring. If it’s even possible, she’s even more smiley as she walks out and saluts the crowd. (Note to self, stop eating immediately so you can look more like Kelly.) Michelle believes that Kelly is wasting her tonight and pretty soon both girls are set and ready for action.

They lock up with Michelle winning the battle for position. She forces Kelly against the corner and after backing up per the referee’s request she begins to lay the boots to her. Kelly grabs at her midsection and then Michelle starts choking her. She breaks before she can get disqualified and when she goes back at Kelly, Kelly is able to get her foot up. Michelle takes the kick rather well and goes down to her knees, and that allows Kelly to grab a handful of hair and pull Michelle up. She positions herself on Michelle’s shoulders and bends over the ring ropes. The former Diva’s Champ finds herself in an interesting choke which Kelly does break in time. She flips off ‘Chelle’s shoulders and pulls her legs out from under her. Michelle eats a face full of mat and Layla comes charging towards Kelly.

Kelly is game and she shoves Layla right down. Kelly takes a look at the damage she has caused and gets back in the ring. Michelle meets her with a sick kick to the leg and Kelly goes down clutching the back of her thigh in pain. Michelle begins working over the injured limb despite the fact Kelly is in the ropes. Michelle shoves Kelly’s leg over the ropes and begins to bend her knee, which causes K2 a whole host of pain. Michelle breaks the illegal move and promptly stomps on Kelly’s knee. She takes a step back and then returns her opponent, but Kelly catches her via opposite leg with a kick that sends Michelle back. Kelly climbs on the ropes and ends up on Michelle’s shoulders again, this time in the opposite direction. She starts punching at Michelle’s head and ends up executing a very odd looking tilt-a-whirl headscissors.

Kelly gets back to her feet first and Michelle follows suit, but K2 is first to strike. Michelle gets nailed in the stomach and Kelly goes for her finisher, the Kelly Killer. Layla hops on the apron and starts screaming, which distracts Kelly just long enough for Michelle to effortlessly counter and hit the Faithbreaker! That was gorgeous. Michelle picks up a victory and Layla is quick to join her in the ring. They celebrate as only Lay-Cool can and to cap it off, they both turn their attention to Kelly. She’s still out thanks to the Faithbreaker but that doesn’t stop Layla from picking her up and getting in her face. Michelle joins in on the shenanigans and together, they both put Kelly firmly into the mat once again. They get down and begin harassing Kelly again but unknowingly to them, Kelly’s knight in tiny black trunks has shown up.

Drew taps Michelle and Layla on their shoulders and tells them that they should leave the ring immediately. Lay-Cool stare up at the Scotsman wide-eyed and they slowly slink out of the ring, their eyes never leaving Drew. He drops down to one knee and begins checking on Kelly all the while the announcers talk about how his intentions towards the blonde Barbie doll of the WWE are pure.


I don’t even know what to say. I promised myself that 2011 would be a year of positivity for me and well, that got shot to hell on Monday. Tonight, ummm. Well. Drew and Kelly were a little better. And by a little, I mean almost tolerable. And by almost tolerable I mean they didn’t make my ears bleed or make me wish I was Helen Keller reincarnated. (Too much?) It was better. What more can I say? I still find them awkward and uncomfortable, but since it seems like this storyline is going to keep on keeping on…

What I hope comes out of it for both Drew and Kelly is a heel turn for Kelly. They can play her as the babyface in peril for awhile, and have him keep coming to her rescue, and of course, that leads to a blossoming relationship between the two. They could have the whole good girl/bad boy thing going on and since that never lasts in the real world, tensions can start arising between the two. Drew could become a bully and Kelly could be afraid to leave him, or something like that. Either way, it would end up with a love triangle. Some hot face character could come into the picture and try to win Kelly from Drew. It could all culminate in some big match (Drew having a championship would help this) and Kelly could be leaning towards siding with the face. During the match, the face holds Drew so Kelly can slap him but Kelly turns on the face, slaps him, Drew hits the Future Shock for the win, and Kelly jumps in his arms.

Why not? Maybe both of them as heels could make the pairing less stale?

Either way, SmackDown was interesting tonight. No, I’m not a fan of the bad acting, but the match between Michelle and Kelly was great. It was short and to the point, but Michelle’s beautiful counter of the Kelly Killer into the Faithbreaker was tremendous. I loved K2’s little choke at the beginning (….very aggressive, not babyface. Hmmmzie!) and the way she sold Michelle’s offense. Kelly is much better acting in the ring and I thought she did really well tonight. Drew saving her at the end was special to say the least and I suppose all of us will have to wait in eager anticipation to see what happens next!

Until then…

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