Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Style Showdown: A Battle Between Beautiful People

Welcome to Diva Dirt’s Style Showdown! Last time on the Showdown, we had a pre-Night of Champions matchup, pitting Mickie James against Katie Lea, with both donning their in-ring best. Mickie, as at the PPV, was victorious, garnering 81 votes, while Katie Lea only drew 55 of her own. Looks like you guys prefer Mickie’s punchy colors over Katie’s more subdued look.

This week, we’ve decided to inject a little TNA flavor into our Showdown. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, known to TNA fans as The Beautiful People, are famous for their “paper-bagging” of foes, a unique way of combining insult and injury. However, I’m not concerned with their partnership at the moment – I’m more curious as to who has the better style. Is it Angelina and her bustiers or Velvet and her fishnets? Clearly, they share a love for fingerless gloves, but each have their own unique style. Which side of this dangerous duo do you prefer?


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