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Style Showdown: Baby-Faced

Welcome back to the Style Showdown! This is the contest where we put our favourite Divas and Knockouts up against each other, not in the ring, but in a battle of who looks better!

Last time on the Style Showdown: would-be Cyber Sunday opponents Layla and Mickie James faced off, something they didn’t do at the PPV. In this battle of missed opportunity, Layla won, gaining 166 votes while Mickie only had 139 – close but no cigar.

This week, we’re taking a look at two of the leading Diva babyfaces in the WWE – Candice Michelle and Maria. On their respective brands, these Divas are many times the go-to girls for mass fan appreciation and the filling of a good-girl role. They sure get the cheers, but who gets your vote – Candice in her mellow yellow, or Maria in her electric purple? Check out their photoshoots below, judge their styles in those shoots, and cast your vote!

Candice Michelle – “Mellow”

Maria – “Electric Purple”

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