Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Style Showdown: Friday Night Lights

Style Showdown is back – once again – with a vengeance! This is the contest where we put our favourite Divas and Knockouts up against each other, not in the ring, but in a battle of who looks better! Last time on the Style Showdown, two women who recently left their respective companies, Cherry and Gail Kim, faced off. Gail came out on top, earning 118 votes while Cherry only had 82.

This week, we have SmackDown Divas and fierce rivals Michelle McCool and Maryse. These two have consistently put out solid matches, leaving the fans wanting more. Whose look leaves you wanting more? Take a look at the full photoshoots below and cast your vote!

Maryse – “Ray of Light”

Michelle McCool – “Snow Angel”

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