Monday, December 4, 2023

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Style Showdown: A Missed Opportunity

Style Showdown has returned! This is the contest where we put our favourite Divas and Knockouts up against each other, not in the ring, but in a battle of who looks better! Last time on the Style Showdown, SmackDown rivals Maryse and Michelle McCool did battle. Maryse was the victor, winning 209 votes while Michelle had a full 100 less, settling at 106 votes.

This week, we’ve decided to look at the match that never was – Mickie James and Layla‘s match at last week’s Cyber Sunday PPV. Their tag team match failed to be voted in by the public, and thus never took place. However, we think these two ladies should be given the chance to really face off. Until then, we’ll take a Style Showdown instead. So, which of these Raw Divas do you think looks better in her respective photoshoot? Take a look at the full photoshoots below and cast your vote!

Layla – “In Print”

Mickie James – “Farm Girl”

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